Attendance Management System, Types, and Benefits

By Mekari TalentaPublished 10 Feb, 2022 Last updated 20 March 2024

A company surely needs a good attendance management system for the best system of employee management. There are several important aspects to consider in managing the employees of a company. Without a suitable management system for employee attendance, then it will be difficult to smoothly arrange the employee working time and activities.

However, some of you might not clearly understand the system. Such as the meaning, the benefit, and the overview of the system. Therefore, the article is written to help to give information related to this system. For further brief and explanation, the following paragraphs can be a good start.

Attendance management system

About Attendance Management System

For those who need to learn more about an attendance management system in the company, it will be important to understand the meaning of this system first. An attendance management system is a system to help companies track the hours of their employees. So that the company can easily get the actual data of the working hours, including the employee check-in and the employee check out.

With the system, the company will also be able to document the employee hours whether using time cards, spreadsheets, or also software. Currently, the most popular system to use by many companies in the world is attendance management software. In which this method is considered the fastest, reliable, effective, and efficient way to record employee hours properly.

The Importance of Providing Good Attendance Management System

Many companies select to have a good attendance management system for several important reasons. Therefore, this system is one of the crucial parts of the company to run. With a proper system on employee attendance, the following benefit can be reached at optimum.

This system helps to optimize the calculation of employee working hours. So that it can help the company to wage the employee accurately. Including getting an overview related to the employee overtime hours. Furthermore, it is also a good way to track whether your employee is working or not. Since it will relate to their payroll and impact the company financing.

The system will allow the company to document all the hours properly. So that in case the evidence is needed, the company can get the information in quick time without difficulties. Moreover, this system is the best way to track employee days off such as for sick leave or annual leave. Therefore, the company can monitor the number of employees every day to make sure whether this number is sufficient to perform the work or not.

Types of Attendance Management System

There are several types of attendance management systems that are preferred by most companies in the world. Each software can be specifically different. Therefore, it is important to get an overview of each option to help select the most appropriate system for employee attendance. The following are some common systems provided for various companies in the world.


This system is using a fingerprint to capture the employee check-in and check-out. It is one of the most effective systems to help the company track their employees efficiently. Commonly, the software is applied in the front door so that all employees coming in and coming out can be detected.

The advantage of this system is that it will track specific employees according to their fingerprints. So that it will not be easily hacked and false. Furthermore, this system will connect the company data through the biometric machine to the company’s attendance report. Therefore, it is more convenient for the company to provide accurate data regarding their employee attendance.

Break-time Tracking

This system tracks not only the employee coming in and out but also the break time hours. So that every time the employee punches in will be calculated as working hours, and punching out means breaking hours. Usually, this is an important system to use by a company that needs specific working times for their employees. Especially a company with critical works and projects to be done.


An online attendance management system is also the most preferable system today. This system can be used by a smartphone and automatically connects to the company system. With an online system, it allows easier time keeping and recording. Talenta can be the most suitable option since it offers a variety of options for employee self-service tools that simplify leave, overtime, and attendance requests. In addition, Talenta provides an online attendance report using Talenta’s web and mobile platform for a more accurate and comprehensive attendance report. Visit Talenta’s website to learn more about its attendance management software:

Important Element of the Attendance Management System

A company needs to pay attention to some elements of an attendance management system. So that the system can work properly according to the company’s needs. There are five elements in each system such as the following.

  • The reference of absenteeism will refer to schedules absent such as annual leave and public holiday. While for unscheduled absence including late arrival, early departure, and sick leave.
  • The most critical elements are culpable and innocent absence. This shall be clearly defined so that the employee can understand how the absence will work and related to their employment. A culpable absence leads to disciplinary response. While an innocent absence will typically not lead to disciplinary action.
  • Absence reporting mechanism, the system usually will manage to help employees report their absence correctly. Whether it is annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, or half-day leave. So that it will be accurately included in the system and record accordingly.
  • The system also sets out a threshold based on a specific number set up by the company. So that the company can easily measure the employee working time within the year properly.
  • The implementation of an attendance management system shall not be against human rights legislation. Therefore, the system shall not be discriminated against by any employee of the company. Such as in a specific case where the employee is having a disability for a certain period. This shall not lead to the consequence of disciplinary action if reasons are appropriate.

Above is the information related to an attendance management system in a company. With a proper system for employee attendance, the company can easily perform various related things. Starting from arranging leave, managing payroll, and many more. So that all the company administration related to the employee working hours can be faster and easier.


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