Who says that HR can’t be easy? When it’s done with Talenta, you’ll see

Dealing with a lot of stuff at once could be overwhelming. Let us help you with the HR and payroll processes so you can focus more on your people.

Are you dealing with these never ending struggles?

HR and payroll processes have become way complicated and takes too much time,
when it should have been much easier to do.

Complicated payroll management

Payroll management is a challenging task due to regulation and compliance issues. HR admins need to factor in multiple variables, such as working hours, wage rules, and taxes on top when processing payroll.

Scattered records

Most HR administration processes involve a number of separate documents and scattered spreadsheets—some even on sticky notes. Hence, it is increasingly difficult to ensure data integrity and any update made has to be done on each of these records, which consumes a lot of time.

5 common problems

  1. Scattered spreadsheets and piling paper files
  2. Time-consuming HR administration processes
  3. Complicated payroll and taxes calculation
  4. Difficult to keep employee data accurately and centralized
  5. Complicated attendance data collection and management

Let’s forget the spreadsheet, shall we? Let Talenta help you make HR administration easier and hassle-free.

Effortless Payroll Management

Give your HR team a break with
a simple and hassle-free  payroll management.

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All-In-One HR Platform

From attendance to payroll.
Complete your A-Z HR administration all in one platform.

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Enterprise Compliance

Ensure all compliance items are coordinated and assessed in your organisations.

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Be it HR or payroll, you can do a lot with us

Talenta provides every single thing you need for your HR & payroll administration, and more.

Full Service Payroll

Talenta calculates all payroll components, including taxes, BPJS, and other benefits, accurately through our platform.

Comprehensive Reports

Talenta provides comprehensive reports for all your HR team’s needs, from attendance to payroll reports.

Self Service Administration

Talenta increases your employee data accuracy and efficiency through our employee self service feature.

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