Integrated payroll software

The payroll application to speed up processes by 93%

Get rid of manual data recapitulation, payroll component calculation, and payslip transfer for a faster payroll process without the risk of calculation error.

Speed up your payroll process with 3,500+ other companies

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Accurate & Fast Through Automated Payroll Application

Experience ease with automated payroll processes

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Accurately recap data

Payroll component recapitulation are done without the need for manual double entry of data.

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Automated calculation

Calculations for each payroll component are always accurate and in accordance with the latest government regulations.

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Transfer from the system

Payslips are transferred on time to every employee without burdening HR and payment status becomes more monitored.

Eliminate wasted time on payroll

The most time-consuming factor in payroll is on data collection and calculation which must always be checked manually for accuracy.

Faster recapitulation without risk of error

  • Direct synchronization to payroll enables the recapitulation of components such as PPh21 and BPJS in accordance to company policies.
  • No need to recap expenses because reimbursements, loans, and cash advances are automatically recapitulated to the payroll module.
  • Automatically recap tax components such as income tax, JHT, and pension benefits from the employee database.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus berhadapan dengan sistem payroll manual akibat tidak menggunakan aplikasi & software payroll terbaik di Indonesia, Talenta by Mekari

High risk of error in manual data recapitulation

  • Attendance need to be recapitulated manually to calculate deductions and allowance based on working hours, leave, overtime, and tardiness.
  • Recapitulating expenses one by one such as for reimbursements, loans, and cash advances takes a lot of time to do.
  • Manual PKP and PTKP calculations have to be done slowly and meticulously to avoid making mistakes.
Foto dari Marysha Djafar, Human Resources and General Affair Senior Manager di Lion Parcel

“Before using Talenta, our attendance system was manual and it would took days in the payroll process, because our location is all over Indonesia. Now everything is automatically processed and can be monitored real-time from the head office.”

Marysha DjafarHuman Resources and General Affair Senior Manager - Lion Parcel

Automatically sync your HR data to payroll

Difficulty in calculating various payroll components

Calculating tax, BPJS, and complex benefits have to be done one by one for every employee.

Faster calculation in line with the latest regulations

  • Accurate tax processing through flexible configurations for tax, BPJS, PTKP, etc. that automatically gets updated with the latest regulations.
  • Automatic benefit calculation with specific calculation formulas that can be adjusted accordingly with employee attendance.
  • Prorated employee salary is possible through automatic calculations that can be made based on months or days.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus berhadapan dengan sistem payroll manual akibat tidak menggunakan aplikasi & software payroll terbaik di Indonesia, Talenta by Mekari

Difficulty in calculating various payroll components

  • Manual adjustments need to be done for calculating income tax, BPJS, and JHT whenever regulations are updated.
  • Different benefit calculations for each employee based on level, division, and other variables takes time to process.
  • Calculating pay based on years of service is slow because manual data recap is needed for each concerned individual.
Foto dari Intan Purnama, HR Manager PT Learning

“Talenta helps us monitor our HR administrative process which was previously done manually. Now, it becomes more controlled because it is well recorded in Talenta.”

Intan PurnamaHR Manager - PT Learning Unlimited

Transform your payroll calculation process now

Transfer salary on time, without limitations

Mekari Talenta makes the pay transfer process easier without wasting any time for HR staff.

Transferring pay is easier with bank integration

  • Simply transfer to 1 virtual account to distribute payslips to different banks without incurring additional expenses.
  • CSV format that automatically adapts to fulfill the requirements of each bank without the need for manual adjustments.
  • Flexibly and easily transfer pay from the system without being bound by bank regulations.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus berhadapan dengan sistem payroll manual akibat tidak menggunakan aplikasi & software payroll terbaik di Indonesia, Talenta by Mekari

Slow and inflexible pay transfers

  • Extra fees per bank will always be incurred everytime a transfer to different banks is made.
  • Inflexible bank payrolls due to being bound by various rules such as minimum employee amount and payment schedules.
  • Different CSV formats for every bank brings the necessity to do time-consuming manual adjustments.
Image_Talenta by Mekari

“With Talenta, the payroll process, which previously transferred one by one to employees, is now completed in less than one day.”

Risza Oki PardiraHR Manager - Bintang Hartono Jaya

Gain control over pay transfers with Mekari Talenta today

Tampilan fitur Talenta Portal dari aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta untuk membantu proses absensi on-site

Monitor attendance on-site
with Talenta Portal

Turn your tablet into an attendance machine with Talenta Portal for attendance management in multiple work locations without the risk of fraud.

Direct integration with PeduliLindungi

Employees may check in by scanning the PeduliLindung QR code directly from the Mekari Talenta mobile app.

Tampilan fitur integrasi aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta dengan PeduliLindungi

Leading companies have successfully grown with Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta continues to innovate features that enable you to meet business needs in various industries.

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Complete features for operational efficiency

Bring convenience to the payroll process using Mekari Talenta

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Payroll calculation

The feature to calculate pay without manual processes
  • Income Tax (PPh) Calculation
  • BPJS Kesehatan Calculation
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Calculation
  • Irregular Income Calculation
Ikon roda bergerigi

Payroll disbursement

The feature to calculate pay without manual processes
  • Salary Transfer (Bank-disbursed)
  • Salary Transfer (Company-disbursed)
  • Salary Transfer with Multiple Cut-Off Dates
  • Customized Payroll Access
  • Disbursement Status Report

Payroll report

The feature to compile & access payroll reports instantly
  • Salary Report
  • 1721-A1 Tax Report
  • BPJS Report
  • Reimbursement Report
  • Overtime Allowance Report
  • Employee Loan Report
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The feature to compile & distribute pay automatically
  • Instant Payslip Generator
  • Online Payslip Distribution
  • Customized Payslip Access
  • Mobile Payslip
  • Complete Payslip History
  • Fingerprint-locked Security

What is payroll application?

Payroll application is a platform that enables HR to automate the overall payroll system and process. It is generally integrated with time and attendance systems so as to streamline the process that was previously manual and time-consuming. Employers can calculate employee salaries and the components of these salaries automatically and in accordance with business regulations using the payroll app. Therefore, the process of calculating and distributing salaries become more accurate, flexible, and secure.

See other frequently asked questions about Mekari Talenta payroll software here.

Mekari Talenta payroll system is integrated with the attendance management software. Employee salaries will be calculated automatically based on the time tracking and attendance recapitulation, as well as other salary components such as: leave, deductions, and compensation. By using the best payroll application from Mekari Talenta, companies can get rid of the complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone manual calculation process.

Yes, we offer you the best payroll application that allows your company to calculate salaries, bonuses, pension deductions, THR, and PPh 21 taxes online. Mekari Talenta’s payroll system is a cloud-based app, so it can be accessed online either with desktop or mobile devices.

Absolutely. Mekari Talenta payroll software is designed to help HR personnels calculate employee salaries as well as calculate tax deductions, such as the PPh 21, automatically.

As Mekari Talenta’s payroll system is developed on a cloud-based infrastructure, it is accessible anytime, anywhere. With maximum uptime, Mekari Talenta is the perfect application for use during WFH due to its convenience and safety.

You can access to start subscribing to the best HRIS software Mekari Talenta.


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