Attendance management

Make the most of working time productivity with the attendance management application

Achieve higher productivity with centralized work schedule management and an online attendance system.

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On-premise solutions are outdated, it's time to move on to digital solutions

Ikon waktu

Complete shift arrangements

A customizable shift management system that complies with regulations.

Ikon grafik data pada perangkat monitor

Flexible data access

Real-time data management and access anywhere.

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Autosync with payroll

Attendance, leave and overtime data are connected automatically with the payroll system.

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Employee working-time scheduling system

No more conflicting or wrong schedules in employee shifts

  • Manage work schedules and multiple shifts in minutes through an easy-to-use online attendance dashboard.
  • Fingerprint integration for optimal work scheduling, and eliminates the need for manual data adjustments.
  • Access self-service features via mobile or desktop applications to check the latest work schedules and request employee absences at any time.
  • Create a complete and transparent absence policy to accommodate the company's various shift needs.
  • Manage high demand with on call management to accommodate sudden working scheme change needs.
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Attendance tracking system

Monitor attendance at all times and increase employee productivity

  • There is no need for a physical presence in the office because attendance can be done online and monitored by the admin in real-time.
  • Prevent absenteeism fraud through face detection and GPS tagging based on a certain area that can be customized.
  • Multi-level accuracy check through Liveness Validation to ensure that attendance is performed by real humans.
  • Maintain employee discipline and transparency of attendance by setting tolerance for lateness and rest hours.
Tampilan fitur pengelola data lembur karyawan di dashboard aplikasi attendance management Mekari Talenta
Attendance data management

Centralization of leave and overtime data, auto-integrated with the payroll system

  • Check leave and overtime data transparently to be processed safely in one system thanks to data centralization.
  • Prepare payroll component data faster through automatic data collection and calculation from the system.
  • There is no room for error in payroll because there is no manual data processing and calculation.
  • Get productivity analysis for business health based on absenteeism, shifts, and attendance data in one online dashboard.

Attendance management software that is scalable

Why businesses choose attendance system from Mekari Talenta

Ikon komputasi awan


Free from installation, maintenance, and platform development expenses.

Ikon keamanan sistem

Secured data system

ISO 27001 certified with international standard procedures security system.

Ikon headset

Dedicated support

Dedicated assistance from initial consulting, implementation, and after-sales.

Ikon hati

No learning curve

Intuitive and user-friendly UI eliminates the need for product training.

Ikon siklus

Integration support

Super easy integration and a flexible API module according to business needs.

Ikon komunitas

HR ecosystem

Networking support and empowerment with the HR Community in Indonesia.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is attendance management?

Attendance management helps businesses in monitoring employee activities and hours at work. The main goals are transparency, seamless project and task collaborations, and payroll calculation. The system and operations can be done by documenting employee hours, activities, taken leave, and overtime. Due to upward trend in remote working culture and digital age as well, nowadays companies have started using online attendance management system.

By using online attendance management system, both employer and employee would be able to manage the whole system from everywhere. The flexibility, accuracy, and security are also the important factors why this attendance management software has been helping a lot of businesses.

See other frequently asked questions about Mekari Talenta attendance management software here.

Attendance management software is an application that provides time and attendance management solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, including retail, F&B outlets, and others.

The attendance management app provides features that simplify daily HR operations, ranging from shift scheduling, online time and attendance system, mobile clock-in/out, real-time monitoring, and automatic attendance report.

An example is the Mekari Talenta attendance management software, which makes the employee scheduling process more concise, accurate, and effective without manual processes

Yes, we offer you the #1 attendance management solution that allows your company to monitor and to manage employee attendance online. Mekari Talenta’s attendance management system is a cloud-based app, so it can be accessed online either with desktop or mobile devices. Employee can also download Talenta’s attendance management software via Android or iOS devices and using it for online clock-in and clock-out from anywhere by using time and attendance feature within.

Work and shift scheduling becomes efficient and more effective because the potential for overscheduling and errors is minimized. Additionally, since employee working hours and activities can be tracked in real-time from anywhere, your company can manage business and all projects better.

Right now, there are several brands of fingerprint machines that do not yet have integration with Mekari Talenta attendance management software. For more information, please schedule a meeting with our team via

You can access to start subscribing to the best HRIS software Mekari Talenta.

You can subscribe to the attendance management solution only, but for payment, the subscription system applies as a package for all Mekari Talenta features.

The cost will be calculated based on the number of employees in the company. Please schedule a meeting with our team via to get more information.


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