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Online attendance management software

Attendance, shift schedule, and overtime management is directly integrated with comprehensive HRIS and payroll system for automated operations.

3,500+ companies manage attendance with Mekari Talenta

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Leave the old machines, switch to online attendance management

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All-inclusive scheduling system

Preparation of employee schedules and shifts can be accurate without any overlaps and communicated quickly to employees.

Ikon checklist

Track attendance in real time

Make sure employees are present according to schedule and attendance is carried out by the concerned individual.

Ikon online payroll system

Attendance data synced to payroll

Employee leave and overtime are recorded automatically so calculation of deductions and allowances is 100% accurate.

Manage work schedules online

Set various employee schedules ranging from 9-to-5 working hours to complex shift rostering with user-friendly attendance app.

Manage shift schedules in minutes

  • Automatic schedule synchronization in real time with the mobile attendance feature or fingerprint machine without any manual adjustments.
  • Access schedules online from the mobile app or web dashboard so that employees can check their latest work schedules any time.
  • Shift changes done on the app for a practical, transparent, and automatically recorded request and approval process.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang menemukan kesulitan ketika menyusun jadwal kerja pegawai karena tidak menggunakan aplikasi attendance management Talenta by Mekari

Ineffective scheduling and shifts

  • Double schedule adjustments need to be done because after making the schedule, settings have to be applied manually to the machine.
  • Prone to miscommunication of work schedules if there are many different schedules because schedules cannot be updated and checked quickly.
  • Shift changes are hard to accomodate because they are usually done verbally and thus not recorded properly and interfere with HR availability.
Foto dari Marsha, HRD Fore Coffee

“Talenta really helps us to manage shift schedules, especially since our company has many store locations. By using Talenta, we can monitor the conditions of on-site employees more easily.”

MarshaHRD - Fore Coffee

Make sure to monitor attendance accurately with Mekari Talenta

Monitor employee attendace at anytime

Punching in for attendance is no longer physically limited to support employee productivity with the attendance software.

Clock-in & clock-out online

  • Punch in from anywhere and attendance data can be monitored in real time through the mobile app or web dashboard.
  • Avoid attendance fraud by setting attendance locations from the Live Attendance feature with GPS and selfie support.
  • Maintain employee discipline by setting tolerance for tardiness and break hours that can be monitored from the system.
Ilustrasi seorang karyawan yang mencurangi sistem absensi online

Manual attendance is prone to fraud

  • Attendance is not monitored accurately and can only be accessed periodically due to not having integrations to a cloud database.
  • Can not make sure attendance honesty because manual systems have potential loopholes for fraud such as faking attendance.
  • Lack of employee discipline due to unmonitored tardiness and break hours.
Foto dari Nilam Melati, HR Manager Ayana

“With Live Attendance, we can directly check for gaps in clock ins and clock outs. We can immediately follow up attendance issues to employees without waiting for the reconciliation period.”

Nilam MelatiHR Manager - Ayana Resort & Spa Bali

Make sure to monitor attendance accurately with Mekari Talenta

Record leave and overtime automatically

Employee leave and overtime are recorded & calculated automatically to ensure that deductions and allowances are 100% accurate.

No manual recaps for leave and overtime

  • Automated recapitulation and calculation of attendance data based on working hours, leave, and overtime without any manual data processing.
  • Standardize leave and overtime policies through the online request & approval process that is automatically recorded in the system.
  • Follow-up requests transparently with a structured & tiered approval process that can be set to the highest level.
Illustration of an employee

Manual recording have a high risk of error

  • Requests are not recorded properly because they are usually done verbally or through forms which often get scattered.
  • Convoluted request process makes miscommunication likely to happen which results in errors during data input.
  • Attendance recapitulation takes time because data accuracy needs to be accounted for without help from the system.
Foto dari Lindi Anindita

“Requesting leave from the Talenta app helps HR because the employee leave balance is directly updated on the system. After the leave request is approved, automatic deductions gets applied on the leave balance.”

Lindi AninditaCompensation and Benefit Supervisor - Sayurbox

Process leave & overtime online with Mekari Talenta

Tampilan fitur Talenta Portal dari aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta untuk membantu proses absensi on-site

Monitor attendance on-site
with Talenta Portal

Turn your tablet into an attendance machine with Talenta Portal for attendance management in multiple work locations without the risk of fraud.

Direct integration with PeduliLindungi

Employees may check in by scanning the PeduliLindungi QR code directly from the Mekari Talenta mobile app.

Tampilan fitur integrasi aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta dengan PeduliLindungi

Leading companies have been successfully growing with Talenta

Mekari Talenta continues to innovate that enables you to meet business needs in various industries.

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Complete features for better attendance system

Bring convenience and efficiency to daily attendance management by using Mekari Talenta.

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Shift Schedule Management

Employee schedule management features for optimal productivity.
  • Shift Scheduler
  • Long Shift or Double Shift
  • Overnight Shift
  • Shift Change
  • Payroll Manager
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Time Attendance Management

Employee clock-in and clock-out feature equipped with GPS and face recognition.
  • Online Attendance and Mobile App
  • Employee Attendance Report
  • Fingerprint Integration
  • Late Attendance Policy
Ikon bunga

Leave Management

Seamless leave management to increase transparency for employee and business.
  • Standardized Leave Policy
  • Multi-layer Approval
  • Leave Balance
  • Custom Leave
  • Payroll Integration
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Overtime Management

Arrange and compensate overtime hours efficiently and transparently.
  • Overtime Roster Management
  • Multi-layered Overtime Approval
  • Custom Overtime Policy
  • Auto-sync with Payroll
  • Overtime-to-Leave Conversion
Ikon timesheet

Employee Timesheet

Boost employee productivity and minimize any distraction via advanced timesheet app.
  • Activity Time Tracker
  • Integrated with Task Assignment Feature
  • Activity Log Report

What is attendance management?

Attendance management helps businesses in monitoring employee activities and hours at work. The main goals are transparency, seamless project and task collaborations, and payroll calculation. The system and operations can be done by documenting employee hours, activities, taken leave, and overtime. Due to upward trend in remote working culture and digital age as well, nowadays companies have started using online attendance management system.

By using online attendance management system, both employer and employee would be able to manage the whole system from everywhere. The flexibility, accuracy, and security are also the important factors why this attendance management software has been helping a lot of businesses.

See other frequently asked questions about Mekari Talenta attendance management software here.

Attendance management software is an application that provides time and attendance management solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, including retail, F&B outlets, and others.

The attendance management app provides features that simplify daily HR operations, ranging from shift scheduling, online time and attendance system, mobile clock-in/out, real-time monitoring, and automatic attendance report.

An example is the Mekari Talenta attendance management software, which makes the employee scheduling process more concise, accurate, and effective without manual processes

Yes, we offer you the #1 attendance management solution that allows your company to monitor and to manage employee attendance online. Mekari Talenta’s attendance management system is a cloud-based app, so it can be accessed online either with desktop or mobile devices. Employee can also download Talenta’s attendance management software via Android or iOS devices and using it for online clock-in and clock-out from anywhere by using time and attendance feature within.

Work and shift scheduling becomes efficient and more effective because the potential for overscheduling and errors is minimized. Additionally, since employee working hours and activities can be tracked in real-time from anywhere, your company can manage business and all projects better.

Right now, there are several brands of fingerprint machines that do not yet have integration with Mekari Talenta attendance management software. For more information, please schedule a meeting with our team via https://www.talenta.co/en/contact-us/

You can access https://www.talenta.co/en/contact-us/ to start subscribing to the best HRIS software Mekari Talenta.

You can subscribe to the attendance management solution only, but for payment, the subscription system applies as a package for all Mekari Talenta features.

The cost will be calculated based on the number of employees in the company. Please schedule a meeting with our team via https://www.talenta.co/en/contact-us/ to get more information.


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