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Focus on people development, not on repetitive tasks

Increase the strategic value of the HR team by automating repetitive HR processes through the use of an integrated HR application.

Focus on people development, not on repetitive tasks

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“No more manual paperwork. HR administration is now easier than ever, thanks to Talenta by Mekari.”

Intan PurnamaHR Manager - PT Learning Unlimited (EF)

Find the right solution to for your HR problems

No impact on overall HR productivity

The system is hard to use for increasing HR productivity.

Easy-to-use system that adapts to your HR processes

Talenta improves existing processes, systems and workflows by providing a simplified dashboard interface to enable a smoother learning curve for your employees.

Automation to eliminate manual processes

Data integration between modules allows processes to be streamlined so that the HR team no longer needs to import and export data manually at all.

Data is scattered across different media

It is hard to analyze HR data when urgently needed.

Instant access to data through centralization

Data can be accessed any time without the need for manual data collection thanks to inter-module integration. Data format is consistent & uniform for streamlined data processing.

Obtain real time access to HR trend insights

Visualization of HR data can be easily seen from the intuitive dashboard that shows insights for headcount, attendance, payroll, and employee turnover probability.

Data security does not burden the company

Talenta’s cloud-based server is ISO 27001-certified with 256 SSL encryption and registered with Kominfo. Data is also routinely backed up.

Lack of employee engagement

Satisfaction levels are suboptimal & turnover rate is high.

Structured performance evaluation

Support career development and objective mapping of employees through potential vs. performance indicators and determine training needs with comprehensive performance management.

HR does not need to answer repetitive questions

Employee Self-Service provides employees with the option to fulfill their daily HR administration needs independently without convoluted paperwork.

Increase employee retention

Boost employee retention and satisfaction with personalized employee benefits that are easy to administer through the use of Mekari Flex.


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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