For Sales

Oversee sales team progress in real time

Manage and monitor the movement of sales team from an online dashboard and implement an incentive system without complicated paperwork.

Oversee sales team progress in real time

Trusted by 3,500+ businesses from various sectors

Support productivity from the HR side

Commissions are disbursed slowly

Difficult to monitor sales achievements & provide commensurate commissions

Automatic commission disbursement from the system

After closing a deal and fulfilling the Goals/KPI requirement, sales will earn a commission that will be automatically added to the payroll.

Monitor and measure sales performance in real time

Ensure that individual goals are pinned to company-wide objectives by monitoring sales performance towards KPI goals in real time.

Assign sales goals to uphold accountability

Set specific employees to certain sales goals to make sure that there is accountability behind every target.

Manual attendance unable to support sales team

Clocking in manually slows down sales as it is not mobile.

Online attendance from the mobile app

Ensure that attendance accuracy goes hand in hand with employee mobility using the Live Attendance feature that is equipped with GPS to track employee attendance.

Set and record break time

Maintain employee productivity by specifying break hours and the time spent on breaks will be recorded automatically in the system.

Slow and convoluted administration

Requires transfer of physical form with limited access.

Submit requests from the mobile app

Request for leave, overtime, or claim reimbursements directly though the mobile app without needing to physically submit any form.

Centralized storage of payment proofs

All kinds of payment proof are directly recorded in the system and automatically taken into account for payroll calculations to save time and reduce risk of scattered data.


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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