Integrated payroll solution for professional service business

Assimilated mobile-first payroll solution for business with high employees mobility in the service sector. Boost the services you’re granting to employees and customers through the technology of precise utility from Talenta.

Employees database are integrated with the payroll system

Professional staff who have a heavy workload certainly mind if administrative works are added into their daily to-do-list. Moreover, these professionals are demanded to be perfect and fast.

Facing those challenges, Talenta provides HRIS which sustains employees database integrating with every needed information. By using Talenta, administration works related to employees database is hopefully minimalized.

The employees database which are stored in the cloud storage will turn employees database withdrawal and processing easier. The support of Talenta application is needed to create a dynamic working climate, yet still productive. The existence of valid employees database is also going to make payroll calculation easier.

Remote working is not a problem with mobile attendance solution

In providing their services, remote working is often expected from professionals. It became a personal challenge for the HR department in monitoring employees attendance.

At Talenta, we offer solutions by providing mobile attendance so that the employees can check in and out through mobile application. HR can also monitor the reports real-time through Talenta’s dashboard.

With this simplification, Talenta can continue supporting the professionals performance with perfect results. On the other hand, Talenta gives a dynamic working situation with employees attendance easiness. Using Talenta, mobile attendance is easier.

Mekari Benefit, fulfill daily needs from your grip

At Talenta, we understand that as the HR department, you prioritize employees’ prosperity in an organization. With thriving employees, business can grow and develop.

At Talenta, we offer Mekari Benefit feature that will help professionals to access paycheck even before the due date! Talenta gives several benefits limit taken from employees paycheck percentage to fulfill their daily needs, such as phone credit, electricity token, e-wallet top-up to shopping vouchers.

No need to fret with complicated documentation process because by using Mekari Benefit, every transaction is recorded into the system and automatically deducted on every paycheck period.

Easily calculate payroll, achievable through application

At Talenta, we understand that businesses such as professional service providers endured complicated calculation on every payroll process. Plentiful paycheck components, added with several company policies, made the HR department spend up to five days every month to calculate payroll.

We understand that payroll is one of the most sensitive things for the companies and employees. Therefore, paycheck calculation must be done very carefully.

Using Talenta, calculating payroll is finished in just a few clicks. Talenta integrated all of the paycheck components such as benefits, attendance and tax deduction, automatically calculated every month.

Paycheck wiring with Talenta, zero administration fee

Are you still using e-banking to wire your employees’ paychecks? Have you ever felt troubled by a mixture of formats used in wiring paychecks? Not to mention, that administration fee is added to the list.

All of those challenges can now be solved through the “Payroll Disbursement” feature on Talenta’s application. At Talenta, we provide a feature that will help you wire the paycheck directly from the application.

No more worrying about administration fees and complicated terms and conditions from e-banking, because by using this method, there’s no more reason to stay conventional. Avoid tardy paycheck wire, time to move on to Talenta.

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GO-JEK adalah startup dengan growth yang tinggi. Kita punya kendala yang berhubungan dengan employee database ataupun payroll yang manual. Setelah menggunakan Talenta, kami dapat menghemat waktu dalam hal-hal administratif.

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American Payroll Association found that payroll automation saves cost up to 80 percent.

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Professionals who often do remote working is helped by the mobile attendance system from Talenta.

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Mekari benefit assists employees to buy their daily needs directly from the application.

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Centered database that is integrated directly to the paycheck calculation, assures exact paycheck.

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Wire paycheck to all banks, without administration fee, no fuss, directly from the application.


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