Employee Self-Service

Independent administration with Employee Self-service app

Increase employee engagement and reduce load on HR with online self-service administration from the mobile app.

Empower your employees with 3,500+ other companies

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Cloud Based Time Attendance Management

Repetitive administration no longer bogs down HR

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Self-service admin work

Do administrative work without needing to involve HR for cases such as attendance, reimbursements, and leave.

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Real time access to data

Access data anywhere and anytime through the online system that is accessible from each employee’s mobile phone.

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Updata data independently

Update information and documents independently through digital means to keep employee data accurate.

Eliminate slowness in administration

Reduce dependency to HR and give employees the responsibility to do day-to-day administration independently.

Accomplish administrative tasks without depending on HR

  • Administration without blockers. Leave, overtime, reimbursement, etc. can be requested from the mobile app easily.
  • Check schedules and remaining balances for leave and reimbursements instantly through the integrated online system.
  • Transparent request process with automatic notifications every time there is an update for a particular request.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai yang kebingungan mengurusi administrasi HR tanpa menggunakan aplikasi employee self-service (ESS) Mekari Talenta

Repetitive tasks and redundant questions

  • HR is burdened with repetitive work such as answering leave, overtime, and reimbursement requests for every employee.
  • Must check with HR every time employees want to know the latest schedule, remaining leave balance and allowance balance.
  • Unable to monitor request status and identifying individuals to follow-up in order to get approvals quickly is a hassle.

“Mekari Talenta’s feature is helpful for HR because we do not need to recap the leave balance. It will update in the system. Once the leave application is approved, their leave balance will automatically reduce.”

Lindi AninditaCompensation and Benefit Supervisor

Move faster with self-service administration

Access data & information from anywhere

Provide transparent access to information between employees and from the company to increase enmployee engagement.

Empower employees through information transparency

  • Use the employee directory to search for colleagues by job title and streamline communication between employees.
  • Instant access to payslips for both current and previous payslips whenever required without needing to ask HR.
  • Open the comprehensive calendar to see who’s on leave, having a birthday, or specific company events on the mobile app.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai yang mengejar-ngejar departemen HR karena perusahaannya tidak menggunakan aplikasi employee self-service (ESS) Mekari Talenta

Employees have to find HR for the latest information

  • Difficulty in communicating with fellow colleagues since you have to ask around for their contact information.
  • Need to ask HR for payslips and the process takes a long time since payslips need to be compiled manually.
  • Low employee engagement since up to date information on colleagues and the company as a whole is limited.

“It is helpful for us because we can upload salary details on Mekari Talenta. So that apart from being an archiver of employee salary components, employees can also see their salary slips.”

Achmad JunaediHRIS Staff HAUS!

Improve employee engagement

Ensure employee data is up to date

Employees can renew personal data and information independently to ensure that employee data is always accurate.

Renew employee data independently

  • Cloud-based document storage for searching and updating data quickly with ease without convoluted processes.
  • Give employees the flexibility to update information as needed to ensure that employee data is always accurate.
  • Get the latest information from HR through announcement channels and in-app inbox for a uniform flow of information.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai yang menunggu proses update data yang terlalu lama karena perusahaannya tidak menggunakan aplikasi employee self-service (ESS) Mekari Talenta

Ensuring information accuracy is difficult to do quickly

  • Employee data update is sluggish since HR has to chase down every employee one by one to obtain complete information.
  • Needs permission from HR to access personal information and documents.
  • Company news are not circulated evenly to every employee and chances are that the news will not be read at all.

“When we introduced Mekari Talenta to our employees, they became more enthusiastic. With the self-assessment feature of the Employee Self-Service, they have more responsibility for themselves.”

Irawati Abdul LatifHR Manager AYANA Komodo

Obtain unhindered flow of information

Tampilan fitur Talenta Portal dari aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta untuk membantu proses absensi on-site

Monitor attendance on-site
with Talenta Portal

Turn your tablet into an attendance machine with Talenta Portal for attendance management in multiple work locations without the risk of fraud.

Direct integration with PeduliLindungi

Employees may check in by scanning the PeduliLindungi QR code directly from the Mekari Talenta mobile app.

Tampilan fitur integrasi aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta dengan PeduliLindungi

Leading companies have successfully grown with Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta continues to innovate features that enable you to meet business needs in various industries.

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Have the most complete features for more diverse benefits

Get convenience in processing payroll with Mekari Talenta.


Attendance & Expense Management

Employee management features that are easily used by any individual
  • Multi-layer approval
  • Attendance request
  • Expense request
  • Check work schedule & attendance log
  • Check balance
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Auto-generated payslip for efficiency
  • Mobile payslip distribution
  • Payroll reminder
  • Review & download payslip
  • Payslip history
  • Password/PIN/Fingerprint security
Ikon Mekari Flex


Multi-layer approval
  • Database update
  • Personal files
  • Company calendar
  • Employee directory

One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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