Flexible and comprehensive employee self-service system

Empower employees with self-service administration to speed up HR administration processes


Bid goodbye to HR bottlenecks and delays

Reduce time spent on processes that could otherwise be accelerated with employee self-service

The use of physical documents and forms

Requesting overtime, leave, and reimbursement with the use of physical forms is proven to be very ineffective.

Employee data is updated by HR

A time consuming process because data collection and input are both centralized in the HR department

Old-fashioned payslip distribution

The time and cost spent in processing payslips will always be substantial because it involves physical documents

Benefits of adopting a self-service system

Benefits of adopting a self-service system

  • Review and approve via a mobile app

    Requests for leave, overtime, shift changes & reimbursements can be reviewed and approved by HR personnel quickly

  • Employee data that is always up-to-date

    Give employees the authority to update their personal data themselves to streamline the administrative process

  • Save time & money in payslip distribution

    By digitizing the physical processes involved, payslip distribution is made faster and more effective

Main advantages of Employee Self-Service

Instant notifications

E-mail notifications for every request

Make sure that nothing goes amiss with notifications via e-mail for everytime a query is updated

Mobile approval

Review and approve claims via mobile

Claims, data updates, or other requests can be processed quickly on the go using the mobile application

Database access

Secure and transparent information

Employees can check their remaining balance for leave and reimbursements easily without asking any HR personnel

Payslip generator

Distribute payslips via mobile

Move on from the process of distributing payslips physically which wastes a lot of time and administrative costs

Reimbursement requests

Submit requests through mobile app

Speed up processes and reduce costs associated with the use of physical documents by moving to a digitized system

Digital documents

Digital archive for employee documents

Various important documents for employee data collection can be uploaded to a cloud-based system quickly and easily

Remaining balance

Transparent access to information

Employees can check their remaining leave and reimbursements balance without the need to contact the HR department

Mobile payslip

Print payslips independently

Payslips are sent digitally to be printed at an employee’s discretion in order to bypass time-consuming processes

Streamlined and comprehensive administration

Manage administrative processes related to overtime, leave, and employee reimbursement optimally with Talenta by Mekari


Attendance & Expense Management

Employee management features that are easily used by any individual

  • Multi-layer approval
  • Attendance request
  • Expense request
  • Schedule & attendance log
  • Check balance


Auto-generated payslip for efficiency

  • Mobile payslip distribution
  • Payroll reminder
  • Review & download payslip
  • Payslip history
  • Password/PIN/Fingerprint security


Access and update employee database any where, at any time

  • Multi-layer approval
  • Database update
  • Personal files
  • Company calendar
  • Employee directory

Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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