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Elevate your business efficiency and employee engagement with Overtime Management

Say goodbye to inefficiencies, miscommunication, transparency issues, and low employee engagement in overtime management.

Empower an even more efficient overtime management operation to support optimal business performance and demand, ensuring you’re operating at your very best.

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"After using Mekari Talenta, I really feel that the ROI of this system is good. I think we have saved at least 30% of the time that is usually wasted on FAT and talent management."

Ellen PranataCEO, KLAR Smile

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Manage overtime and employee engagement efficiently

Business efficiency

Steer business operations more efficiently with overtime policy management

  • High operational efficiency. Provide a centralized approach for overtime planning and assignments.
  • Minimize miscommunication risks with more transparent coordination through centralized and systematic communication channels.
  • Overtime data transparency for workload tracking and reporting, cost analysis, and improved discipline.
  • Optimize employee resource management with proactive overtime planning, avoiding resource wastage.
  • Amplify control and flexibility by granting employees the freedom to request and gain approval for overtime plans through customizable tiered access.
  • Robust integration between overtime policies and payroll component calculations. No more manual recalculations and monthly summaries.
  • Automatically convert overtime into annual leave entitlements for employees. Avoid complex manual processes.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction with more organized and clear overtime management. This will make employees feel valued and heard.
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Employee engagement

Foster a thriving work culture! empower effortless leave management and work-life balance

  • Let employees actively engage in the overtime assignment process. Accommodate input and communicate employee preferences more effectively.
  • Elevate visibility into overtime schedules empowers employees to better plan and harmonize work and personal life.
  • No more ambiguity regarding overtime assignments. Information is clearer and timelier, helping employees prepare effectively.
  • Employees feel more valued as they become integral in the decision-making process of their contributions.
  • Enrich the positive impact on employees by achieving a better equilibrium between work and personal life.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Overtime Management System by Mekari Talenta?

The Overtime Management System is an application designed for HR departments to manage, regulate, and calculate employee overtime. Typically, many applications focus solely on overtime calculation. However, at Talenta, we go beyond that, accommodating a broader range of use cases. Our advanced overtime management process includes seamless integration with payroll and attendance features for automated calculations, providing a holistic approach to overtime management.

Our Overtime Management Solution offers a centralized approach to planning and assigning overtime, ensuring streamlined communication and efficient decision-making. Unlike conventional solutions, we embrace a more comprehensive view of overtime management, integrating advanced features with payroll and attendance for enhanced automation and optimization.

By minimizing manual communication channels, we eliminate the risk of miscommunication in overtime assignments. Through centralized and systematized communication, we ensure transparent coordination and minimize confusion.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to tailor overtime policies to your company’s unique requirements. This provides HR teams the freedom to adapt overtime policies without concerns about payroll component changes.

Our solution offers unparalleled transparency for tracking and reporting overtime data. This empowers management with easy workload monitoring, cost analysis, and better compliance with labor regulations.

Talenta’s Overtime Management System empowers HR to proactively assign and notify employees about upcoming overtime opportunities. This ensures effective workforce planning, boosts engagement, and facilitates seamless communication.

Absolutely! Talenta’s Overtime Management Solution allows employees to effortlessly convert earned overtime into annual leave entitlements. This automation ensures a smoother process and helps maintain work-life balance.

By providing employees with greater visibility into overtime assignments and involving them in the decision-making process, our solution fosters a sense of value and empowerment. This improved organization and clarity lead to heightened employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention.

Starting is easy! Reach out to our team to arrange a demonstration and in-depth discussion about how our Overtime Management Solution can optimize operations and elevate employee engagement in your organization.


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