Integrated system to improve overall business efficiency

Mekari Talenta lets you to integrate HR and payroll management with other productivity systems to accelerate decision making and drive business growth.

Problem in making business decision with a separate system

Accessibility limitations
Accessibility limitations

Time wasted on recapitulating data due to having to move between systems.

Inconsistent data
Inconsistent data

Data errors due to manual recapitulation of scattered systems with different formats.

Cost-inefficient processes
Cost-inefficient processes

Administrative costs for data extraction and maintenance across various systems.

Increase efficiency through comprehensive business process integration


Talenta can be integrated with various applications to automate the processes in your business.

Create custom integrations to connect apps directly with Talenta for streamlining workflows.

The probability of errors will be minimized because data is synchronized directly between applications.


Complete business processes with API from Mekari Talenta

Learn the suitability of Mekari Talenta’s Open API Access API to integrate the system you are currently using.

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