Shift Management

A Smooth and Speedy Shift Management

  • Assign the exact number of employee
  • Efficient shift monitoring and management
  • Automate the payroll and avoid inaccurate payment
Shift Management

Talenta is a match for both the company and the employees

Shift Rostering Dashboard

Integrate the shift rostering with the payroll system for more efficient shift administration and well-spread shift schedule.

Shift Rostering Dashboard

Long Shift or Double Shift

No more manual supervising and payment calculation for the long extra hours, now you can automate the system and simply monitor from a distance.

Overnight Shift

With Talenta’s shift rostering system, monitoring employees with stretched and overnight assignments can’t get any easier.

Leave Roster

Shifts and its leave policy are tricky. Enforce your leave policy and find replacements easily with Talenta in just a few clicks.

Attendance Synchronization

Automate the documentation of employees’ clock-in/clock-out time with Talenta’s attendance feature to ensure reliable shift implementation.

Auto-Sync with Payroll

Provide transparency in shift payments and penalties by integrating the shift feature with the payroll module. Produce your calculations in seconds.

Shift Rostering Dashboard

View the dashboard from your mobile phone or website to quickly access shift schedule info and review shift attendance/change/leave requests.

Shift Rostering Dashboard

Shift Change Request

Submit a shift change request via Talenta’s convenient mobile app whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Work Schedule Notification

Don’t you worry misisng any updates about your shift schedule; all changes made by the company will be notified right to you via email and app notifs.

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Shift management is complicated, but with Talenta you can automate everything from rostering to leave requests. Everyone’s happy.

A Platform for Comprehensive Shift Management

Set, communicate, and supervise office shifts in simplicity from just one integrated app.

Automatic Payment Calculation

Automatically differentiate and summarize all payment units for the shifts by integrating with Talenta's payroll system.

Supported by Mobile App

Employees can clock-in/clock-out, request for shift change or a leave, and check their schedules via their mobile app.

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A shift rostering software allows HR staffs to create shift schedule, review and approve requests, and check for shift implementation easily via a single dashboard, and enables employees to check for schedules and submit their requests directly to HR.

Yes you can, but you will still be charged for the entire module collection instead of a single module, because Talenta’s subscription package already includes all modules to ensure maximum experience in our software utilization.

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