Technology Industry

Cloud-based HRIS for flexible work culture

Intuitive dashboard with comprehensive features to ensure that employee productivity is always at an all-time high, even in remote working enviroment

Cloud-based HRIS for flexible work culture

Trusted by 3000+ businesses from various sectors

Lindi Anindita

“The payslip feature is very useful for HR in payroll processing. Previously, we distributed payslips by sending them one by one to employees. Now employees can access their own payslips when they get paid.”

Commonly seen issues in the technology industry

Lack of support for modern work cultures

Conventional systems cannot support hybrid work systems & flexible working hours

Set flexible clock-in & clock-out policies

Take advantage of flexible shift scheduling options to assign clock-in and clock-out times to employees in accordance to their job requirements

Work from anywhere with Live Attendance

Support employees to be productive from anywhere with a mobile attendance system that is equipped with GPS and selfie features

Transparently monitor productivity

Assign work to employees and track the time spent to finish the work using the Time Tracker and Task Management features

Self-service HR administration on your mobile

Employees can request reimbursements or check leave balances with the Employee Self-service feature to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming administrative processes

Difficulties in evaluating performance

Employee performance cannot be evaluated objectively & transparently

Transparent employee performance appraisal

Performance management is carried out in a structured and accurate manner through direct integration across features

Comprehensive performance appraisal methods

Talenta by Mekari accommodates various performance appraisal methods such as 360 Feedback Review, Self-review, Direct Report, and 9 Box Matrix that can be used accordingly

Systematic assessment to reduce bias

Increase objectivity in performance appraisal through methodologies that invite employees from all levels of employment to give feedback to each other

Weighted scoring model for evaluation

The system will automatically calculate all assessment results and consequently create a Summary Report which contains relevant information in the form of a matrix

Ineffective recruitment and retention processes

Potential and talents cannot be optimally productive thus resulting in high turnover

Structured recruitment pipeline

A structured recruitment flow ensures that no potential talents get ignored, and the overall recruitment process from selection to offering can run smoothly

Create an onboarding checklist

A detailed checklist with clear instructions regarding required documents and due dates makes the remote onboarding process easy to follow for new employees

Increase engagement through flexible benefits

Use Mekari Flex to provide eye-catching and personalized benefits that can be customized according to the needs of the company and employees

Additional benefits for a seamless HR process

Real time access to HR insights

Obtain accurate data analysis to make timely & effective decisions

Cloud storage for data archiving

Employee documents can be updated anytime, from anywhere in a secure online database

Request reimbursements via mobile

Paperless & transparent reimbursement requests are done through the mobile app

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