HR Analytics

Access HR Insights in Real-Time

Drive change and create positive impacts through smart action plans based on easy-to-understand HR data visualization

HR Analytics

Issues pertaining to manual data analysis

Difficulty in extracting relevant data

Extracting and deciphering useful information for recruitment planning from employee data is a complex process

Difficulty in analyzing productivity

Data and trends regarding employee attendance, leave, and overtime are difficult to obtain quickly and accurately

Employee expenses are hard to break down

Effective analysis could not be realized because HR has difficulty visualizing employee expenses in detail

Improving business performance using real data

Improving business performance using real data

  • Access to relevant information

    Obtain and interpret relevant data easily to find out what is really needed to improve business performance

  • Bird's-eye view of the business

    Monitor the current state of your business and ensure that strategic decisions are made based on accurate data

  • Monitor expenses in detail

    Break down employee-related expenses in detail to foster optimization in the expenses department

Improve performance through relevant analytics


Easy-to-understand data visualization

Headcount data, attendance, and expenses will be displayed clearly and important data are automatically pointed out


Analyze data based on various variables

Make rational decisions based on the analysis of objectively measurable data such as attendance, expenses, and age


Instantly access insights

Use the latest data to foster efficient labor management in terms of both productivity and cost


Break down expenses per department

Visualize the spending trends per department that are related to payroll through accurate data

Relevant HR analytics for better decision making


Headcount Insight

The number of employees can be displayed and organized comprehensively

  • Headcount trend
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Headcount by job level
  • Headcount by organization
  • Headcount by service length

Attendance Insight

Relevant analysis based on employee attendance data

  • Attendance overview
  • Attendance record
  • Time-off record
  • Time-off trend

Payroll Insight

Payroll expesenses are shown in details

  • Payroll cost recap
  • Allowance costs recap
  • Recap for deduction
  • Payroll exclusions
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