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Accelerate growth through HR automation & efficiency

The payroll and HR application to achieve business growth and maximize value while meeting the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities, and the government.

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“Seemingly simple administration processes actually takes quite a bit of time, especially with the growing number of employees. Talenta simplified everything so I have more time to focus on growing the business.”

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Find the right solution to support the growth of your business


High operating costs

Hidden costs often make way for suboptimal ROI ratio.

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Total Cost of Ownership savings up to 35%

With non-existent implementation and system development costs, Mekari Talenta has a high ROI ration. Way better compared to on-premise and manual systems.

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Reduce load on manpower

An integrated and automated system eliminates manual processes to speed up the flow of work, reducing the need to waste time and effort on menial work.


Reports from HR are hard to obtain

HR-related reports are often late or could not be processed.

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Data integration between modules

Integrated data between modules is centralized in one online dashboard to clearly see the contribution of each HR process to the company as a whole.

Dashboard dari fitur HR analytics yang dapat memudahkan pekerjaan HR manager sehari-hari

Access insights of HR trends in real time

Monitor how your workforce is performing through HR data visualization from the dashboard that shows insights for headcount, attendance, payroll, and employee turnover probability.

Fitur report builder di dalam sistem HR Mekari Talenta untuk membantu executive perusahaan lebih fokus pada pertumbuhan bisnis

Generate standardized HR reports on demand

Generate & download customized HR reports on demand using variables such as payroll, employee, organizations, etc. in a standardized format any time.


New HR systems might bring new problems

Employees can not adapt to the new system adequately.

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Simplified and user-friendly interface

The intuitive & easy-to-learn dashboard from Talenta enables users to quickly be productive by utilizing the comprehensive features from Talenta.

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24/7 access to knowledge centers

Learning resources are available from Mekari University, which hosts a collection of user guides that is available online to help you and your HR team thrive.

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Dedicated team to help you get on board

The system adaptation process will be accompanied by a dedicated team who will always be ready to help you solve any problems that might occur.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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