Payroll solution for business with complex shifts in many outlets

An integrated shifting and payroll management software to conduct multi-outlet business. Fulfill the HR operational requirements for your retail or food and beverages business with the best solution from Talenta.

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At Talenta, we understand that the retail or food and beverages industry has long operational hours with employees distributed into many shifts. Several businesses have outlet branches with mixed employees shift system.

Even though it’s a routine task, it’s a fact that lots of HR struggle to organize the process in an orderly way. The case is applicable especially if employees attendance is one of the payroll’s components.

At Talenta, we help easing the process of shift design comprehensively by considering the schedules and the designated outlet. You can organize the fine scheme for tardy employees and integrate it to the whole payroll system on Talenta. By doing so, HR doesn’t have to do a series of repetitive administrative works.

Fingerprint machine integrated mobile attendance system

Attendance management is one of the important things in the Retail or Food and Beverage business, especially in the HR department. This is due to attendance being included into the payroll components.

By using Talenta, it becomes easier for the employees to check in and out through mobile application. The company can set the radius of attendance submission, request the employees to take pictures at the location, and monitoring them real-time through Talenta’s dashboard.

For a more dependable attendance system, Talenta is also integrated with every fingerprint machine in every outlet. Easily monitor your employees attendance quickly and more accurate.

Direct request of leave and overtime through application

Familiar with leave request and days of waiting for the supervisor’s approval? Starting now, leave behind all the manual process for leave and overtime!

At Talenta, we provide solution with the system Employee Self-Service (ESS), which makes the request of leave and overtime possible through mobile application. As HR, you can arrange the approval system based on the organization and the policies applied in each outlet.

Besides being faster and more effective in process, say goodbye to the drama of leave calculation arguments with your employees, since the calculation is documented safe and sound in the system. Move on to Talenta right now!

Grant earlier access to paycheck for your employees

At Talenta, we understand your position as HR requires you to prioritize the employees’ prosperity in an organization. With thriving employees, business can develop because all the employees’ needs are fulfilled.

At Talenta, we offer Mekari Benefit feature that helps Retail or F&B business employees access their paycheck even before the due date.

Talenta gives several benefit limits taken from the employees’ fees percentage to fulfill their daily needs, such as phone credit, electricity token, e-wallet top up and shopping vouchers. No more worrying about complicated documenting process because with Mekari Benefit, every transaction is recapped in the system and automatically deducted on every payment period.

Calculate payroll and directly transfer from Talenta application

How much time do you need to calculate payroll? Did you ever experience miscalculation, causing disadvantage for the company and the employees? Now, there is no more miscalculation.

With all documented and automated attendance, as HR, you might never felt this happy before. By using Talenta, we make sure every paycheck calculation process is done precisely. Now, you don’t have to dig through e-banking format to wire the paycheck.

With Talenta, payroll disbursement can be done directly through the application. Talenta has a feature of payroll distribution to every bank account without additional administration fees. Payroll wiring through Talenta application is certainly easier and more practical.

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“Altima Group, Nanny’s Pavillon dan Porto Bistreau, memiliki filosofi bisnis: makes people’s life better. Talenta membantu mewujudkan filosofi tersebut bagi HR maupun karyawannya dan membuat mereka merasa nyaman dalam bekerja, sehingga meningkatkan produktivitasnya. Pada akhirnya, hal ini akan mempengaruhi produk dan layanan yang diterima oleh pelanggan.”

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Talenta helps you in organizing employees shifting in many outlets with precision.

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The mobile attendance system on Talenta application is integrated with the fingerprint machine in every outlet.

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The request and approval of leave is directly applied on the application independently.

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Make sure your employees obtain greater benefits with Mekari Benefit.

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Paycheck transfer applicable through the application, eliminating complicated payroll anecdotes.


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