Employee asset management application

Manage company assets more concisely and neatly without the risk of mismanagement

Manage all employee assets, from documentation to asset lending data management, faster and more accurately from the comprehensive asset management platform.

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The benefits of employee assets management system

We ship out the best features to support your business needs so you can
manage employee assets with ease.

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Asset documentation

Organize all employee assets neatly and monitor the status of all employee assets from one application

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Asset recap

Monitor assets lent to employees transparently to minimize the risk of loss and fraud

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Asset inventory

Snappy asset inventory management with categorization and asset numbering for an organized monitoring process

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Check status and return dates of employee assets online at any time when needed

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Import asset data

Make data adjustments for old assets quickly through the import asset data feature

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is an asset management software?

An asset management software is a platform that is used to record and monitor the ownership and use of company assets by employees.

Yes, you can manage all employee data online. The Mekari Talenta application is based on cloud computing and can be easily accessed via web or through the mobile application.

By using the Mekari Talenta application, company asset data can be organized in one platform, protected from human errors, and documented securely.

You can use the asset management module by subscribing to Mekari Talenta in its entirety. Please schedule a meeting with our team for consultation regarding the use of Mekari Talenta.


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