Payroll Calculation

Customize and Generate Your Payroll Swiftly

  • Spend less time and resources
  • Prevent miscalculation with automated process
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations
Payroll Calculation

Automated Payroll Calculation

Calculate all the components faster, including employee taxes (PPh 21/PPh 26), employee bonus, loan, and many others in a single, automated platform


Income Tax Calculation

Automatically generate law-compliant payroll and tax reports with complete payroll components calculations, hassle-free

Calculate income tax for domestic taxpayers (PPh 21) in various methods with precision

Figure out the income tax for foreign taxpayers (PPh 26) easier with automated software

Adjust and calculate the non-taxable income rate according to the applicable regulations faster and easier

Sum up the employee's take-home bonus after tax deductions automatically


BPJS Kesehatan Calculation

Assess every required variable of BPJS Kesehatan in detail and automatically summarize the calculation for your report


BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Calculation

Assess every required variable of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan in detail and automatically summarize the calculation for your report

Calculate an employee's Old Age Security according to the applicable regulations, salary, and tenure

Create the Pension Security calculation according to the applicable regulations, salary, and tenure

Set up a compliant Work-Related Accident Security that considers the employee's salary, status, and tenure

Determine the amount of Death Security considering the applicable regulation and the employee's salary bracket


Irregular Income Calculation

Preprogram a disbursement template for non-recurring payment to be used whenever necessary

For the most-waited bonus of the year, automatically calculate everything here for easier reporting and disbursement later

Prepare the Severance Package according to one's salary and employment period to avoid unnecessary hassle later

Calculate and distribute Former Employee Benefit more easily by considering all important details, such as salary and tenure

For Prorate payment, easily calculate it here based on one's employment period and salary

Ensure wise and thorough Employee Loan calculation by taking into account the installment period and loan interest


Payroll Functionalities

Customizable payroll functions that fits the business needs!

No more depending on banks' cut-off date, now you can make your own to fit your business needs

Apply the highest security to your data with customized access for authorized employee only

Easily upload and download your payment data for reporting purposes

How Talenta payroll features can benefit your business

Automate your payroll components and tax calculation without any risk of human error with Talenta payroll calculation features

Accurately calculate & automate payroll

Ditch the manual, time-consuming work, and start automating all your tax and payroll scheme calculations

Integration with various modules

Ensure synced calculations and reports through integration with various logs and variables

Free of hassle to update tax regulations

Easily update the newest tax regulation for more compliant tax and other payroll reporting


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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