Leave Management

Seamless, Transparent Leave Process

  • Submit a request and monitor the approval via app
  • Quickly update the leave credit anywhere, anytime
  • Create resource planning with the overview report
Leave Management

Talenta is a match for both the company and the employees

Multi-layered Approval System

With Talenta, leave approvals from more than one management levels can be requested and monitored easily

Multi-layered Approval System

Standardized Leave Policy

Effortlessly set your leave policy to comply with the applicable regulation and synchronize it with the payroll system

Carryover Leave Credit

If your company allows employee to carry over their leave credit from the previous year, you can adjust the policy here

Leave Calendar

Map all leave requests and plans chronologically and monitor them easily via the calendar view in Talenta’s dashboard

Customized Leave Policy

With Talenta, you can easily adjust certain policies according to someone’s special condition and make the company more supportive towards their employees

Auto-sync with Payroll

Set up your company’s leave policy to be in sync with the payroll system, and calculate all components in a single platform

Mobile App-based Leave Request

Need to take a leave? Submit the request via Talenta mobile app and get the approval notification in your email and mobile phone

Mobile App-based Leave Request

Leave Credit

Stop manually calculating your leave usage throughout the year to find out your remaining credit. The app can show it directly for you.

Overtime-to-Leave Conversion

All your overtime hours can be converted to leave credits in just a few simple steps to adjust the leave policy

More advantages of Talenta Leave Management feature

Ditch the manual work and get a better experience in leave management for both HR and employees via the automatic system

App-based leave management

All leave processes, from request submission to multi-layered approvals, can be executed and monitored via your mobile phone

Comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard

With the detailed dashboard, manpower allocation can be pre-arranged according to the employees' leave plans

Painless credit check & leave request

Employees can now check their leave credit and submit a leave request anytime, anywhere. Bother the HR no more!

Any further questions?

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Yes you can, but you will still be charged for the entire module collection instead of a single module, because Talenta’s subscription package already includes all modules to ensure maximum experience in our software utilization.

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