Payroll disbursment management

Indonesia's top payroll disbursement management software, easy and safe with seamless integration!

  • Unlimited salary transfers, anywhere you are.
  • Experience system flexibility for multiple-cycle payroll and cut-off adjustments.
  • Effortlessly distribute salaries to various bank accounts without administrative hassles.
  • Save on administrative costs and transfer fees for maximum efficiency.
  • Empower your employees with personalized salary disbursements.
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Speed up your payroll process by 7x, from calculation to distribution!

  • Bid farewell to manual salary calculations in Excel.
  • No more dealing with bank administrative tasks during employee salary transfers.
  • Instantly complete salary transfers to different employee accounts.

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With Talenta, the payroll process, which used to involve individual transfers to employees and took at least 7 days, is now completed in less than a day.

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7x Faster wage distribution
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Save paper resource! 100% automatic and digital

  • Say goodbye to manual payroll data reconciliation.
  • No need for budget allocation for payroll slip printing.
  • Employees can instantly access their salary slips directly on their mobile devices.

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In the past, we had to manually print employee salary slips, creating Excel formulas for each detail such as names and IDs—leading to significant potential for errors. With Mekari Talenta, everything is automated. Employees can simply view their salary slips directly in their ESS application, download, and print them on their own. Cases like requesting salary slips for the past 3 months no longer require reaching out to HR.

Sulardi HR Administratif, Tata Logam Holding
100% Automatic and transparent

Payroll disbursement top features

Payroll transfer

Seamlessly facilitate salary transfers with smooth banking transactions

  • Distribute employee salaries across multiple locations and banks without geographical limitations.
  • Automatic salary disbursement without the hassle of administrative block-days at the bank.
  • Flexibility to connect with various company-preferred banks based on business preferences.
  • Instant access to a dashboard monitoring the payroll distribution process to employees.
Tampilan salah satu fitur di dashboard manajemen distribusi dari aplikasi pembayaran gaji karyawan online Mekari Talenta
Payslip distribution

No more manual printing with digital salary slips!

  • Online salary slips that employees can access directly through the mobile application.
  • Instant payroll notifications received by employees on the mobile app.
  • Ensured security of employee salary data with tiered access in the mobile application.
  • Emergency salary slip needs for administrative purposes addressed faster without waiting for HR.
Tampilan fitur run payroll di aplikasi penggajian dan pembayaran gaji karyawan online Mekari Talenta
Disbursement setting

Personalize payroll disbursement according to your needs.

  • Multi-period flexibility! Easily handle monthly and weekly salary payments.
  • Payment to multiple bank accounts! Integration with several bank accounts using virtual accounts without admin fees.
  • Multi cut-off capability! Process payments for more than one cut-off period in a month without being bound by bank regulations.
  • Monitor the real-time payment status of each employee with a dedicated, comprehensive dashboard.
  • Ensure security with custom access features in the payroll disbursement module, featuring multiple layers of approval.
Tampilan dasbor disubursement setting dari aplikasi penggajian dan pembayaran gaji karyawan online Mekari Talenta

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What is Mekari Talenta's payroll disbursement?

Payroll disbursement, or employee salary payment application, is a cloud-based payroll system that assists companies in managing the automatic, secure, and regulation-compliant distribution of employee salaries and digital salary slips. Mekari Talenta streamlines salary distribution by providing a digital platform to manage disbursements to multiple bank accounts, ensuring accuracy, and reducing administrative burdens.

Here are the top 8 payroll applications for managing employee salary payments:

  1. Mekari Talenta Developed since 2014, Mekari Talenta has streamlined the payroll processes for over 35,000 businesses in Indonesia. Its features cater to various industries such as retail, F&B, services, IT, and more. With integrated comprehensive HRIS features, it is a fitting choice for employee salary management solutions. Notably, it is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the security of all company and employee data.Official Website:
  2. Square Payroll Released in 2009, this platform is designed to facilitate payroll systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Square Payroll handles payroll operations, from calculations to employee salary payments.Official Website:
  3. Paychex Similar to Mekari Talenta, Paychex offers a consolidated payroll system with other HR operations. The platform guarantees to simplify day-to-day HR tasks and administration.Official Website:
  4. Fingercheck Primarily an employee management application, Fingercheck is developed with features to simplify the payroll process. One advantage is its customizable system to meet business needs.Official Website:
  5. Roll by ADP Developed by ADP, this application offers a unique feature. It helps companies manage payroll, from calculations to payments, by sending instructions via chat.Official Website:
  6. Quickbooks Payroll QuickBooks Payroll excels in integrating payroll features with other financial features in QuickBooks Accounting. This integration helps companies manage overall financial operations in one application.Official Website:
  7. Gusto Payroll Solutions Gusto stands out with its integration feature with employment regulations according to the operational country of the company. However, businesses should carefully choose a subscription package, as not all options come with dedicated support.Official Website:
  8. Payroll4Free As the name suggests, this application provides free services for companies looking to manage payroll easily and quickly. However, with affordable costs, its features are somewhat limited.Official Website:

Yes, Mekari Talenta supports salary distribution for global companies expanding into Indonesia by facilitating salary transfers to employees across various bank accounts.

Digital salary slip distribution eliminates the need for physical printing, providing instant and secure access to salary slips through the Employee Self-Service (ESS) mobile application, promoting environmental sustainability, and cost efficiency.

Mekari Talenta employs advanced security measures to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of salary data, minimizing risks associated with traditional paper-based salary slip distribution.

Yes, Mekari Talenta empowers employees to link and manage multiple bank accounts, offering flexibility in salary disbursement across various accounts based on individual preferences.

Absolutely. Mekari Talenta offers flexible salary distribution, allowing employees to customize how their salaries are disbursed to various bank accounts, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Mekari Talenta contributes to cost efficiency by eliminating the need for printing salary slips, reducing administrative tasks, and providing a seamless and automated salary distribution process.

Yes, Mekari Talenta offers integration capabilities, enabling smooth collaboration with other financial systems, internal systems, ERPs, or custom setups.

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