Secure and Efficient Payslip Distribution

  • Save more time & resources in distributing payslip
  • Bring transparency between the company and its employees
  • Try convenient and paperless payslip

Talenta is suitable for everyone, no matter who you are

Instant Report Generator

With various salary components available in the platform, create detailed payslips quickly and distribute them directly to all employees.

Instant Report Generator

Generate Payslip Automatically

Auto-generate payslip for your employees whenever you run payroll process without manual process and calculation

Online Payslip Distribution

Make payslip distribution simpler by sending it directly to the employees’ devices via Talenta app.

Payslip Custom Access

Ensure the confidentiality of the employees’ payslip by only granting access to the rightful people via the Setting menu in Talenta.

Mobile Payslip

Save the employees a trip to the HR because now they can easily view their payslip via Talenta app in their own smartphone.

Mobile Payslip

Mobile Phone Payslip Access

Access your payslip via mobile app without request and approval needed from your HR

Instant Payslip Generator

No need to nudge the HR, now employees’ payslips can be downloaded anywhere and anytime from Talenta app and website.

Payslip History

Yesterday, payslips can be scattered among different files and computer folders. Today? Find them all safe and secure in Talenta app.


Now that Talenta is certified with ISO 27001, payslips are fingerprint-locked and password-protected. It couldn’t be safer than this.

Automate payslip distribution using Talenta Payslip feature.

Once payroll process is done, automatically create and distribute payslips instantly for the employees.

Fast and Accurate Payslip Distribution

No matter how many employees are there in the company, their payslips can always be distributed securely and in an instant.

Easy access to payslip documents

Grant easy access to all information related to payslips and former payroll periods to the employees

Guaranteed Security and Confidentiality

Employees must enter their password or PIN to their Talenta app for maximum security and confidentiality.


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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