Online Time & Attendance System

Through, Efficient Employee Time and Attendance Software

  • Save cost without a fingerprint scanner
  • Avoid miscalculation and other risks from manual entry
  • Monitor attendance in a fast and budget-friendly way
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Talenta is a match for both the company and the employees

Time & Attendance Software with Comprehensive Work Scheduler

Create, assign, adjust, and expand work schedules for the employees right from the app. Manage it all swiftly without breaking a sweat.

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Fitur time recap di dalam sistem & software absensi kehadiran karyawan online

Live Dashboard for Time Tracking and Attendance Report

Forget the time-consuming manual input, now you can quickly check the employee attendance in real time via the dashboard.

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Complete Employee Attendance Report

Get a comprehensive report of an employee’s attendance, including leave, late attendance, break hours, and overtime history, all in a single app.

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Time & Attendance System with Fingerprint Integration

If you already use a fingerprint scanner in the old attendance scheme, integrate it with Mekari Talenta so you can keep monitor the real-time attendance.

Fitur autosync dengan payroll di dalam sistem & software absensi kehadiran karyawan online

Calculate Payroll with Late Attendance Policy

Automate pay cuts due to late attendance can be enforced via the payroll-integrated app for better transparency

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Auto-sync with Payroll System

Since the app is synced with both the attendance recap and the payroll system, salary calculation can be done much faster and easier.

GPS-based Employee Attendance System

Employees can update their clock-in/out and break hours effortlessly from their houses, the office, or anywhere; just using their mobile phone

Fitur live attendance di dalam sistem & software absensi kehadiran karyawan online
Submit attendance via #1 time attendance system & software for business by Talenta

Self-Attendance via Selfie

Allow more flexible attendance system based on the employee’s GPS location to ensure proper clock-in/out location, and use the selfie feature as a proof of attendance.

Face recognition within #1 time attendance system & software for business by Talenta

Self-Attendance via Face Recognition

By utilizing our Face Recognition feature during the clock-in/out time, you can prevent the risk of attendance fraud.

Attendance log within #1 time attendance system & software for business by Talenta

Self-Attendance Complete Report

Allow employees to independently check their attendance reports via Talenta app on their own mobile phones to support transparency and minimize skepticism.

Learn more about Talenta's time and attendance software

Manage attendance faster, more easily, and with maximum accountability for both HR and employees with Talenta attendance management features

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Real-time and accurate attendance

Get rid of the papers and files, now it only takes one app to manage the whole attendance system accurately in real time

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Payroll-integrated system

Integrating attendance system with payroll, Talenta enables you to automatically calculate and disburse payments faster

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Effortless and more flexible

Employees can clock-in/out and access attendance report just using their mobile phones. It doesn't get easier than this.

Find out more benefits from Talenta

Find comprehensive features that make business management and attendance processes easier, only in Talenta.

  • Set Up Late Arrival Tolerance
  • Set Up Clock-in/out Radius
  • Set Up Clock-in/out Location
  • Set Up Personalized Clock-in/out Location
  • Attendance Modification Request

What is time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software is a platform that allows HR department or office managers to track and monitor employee attendance. The system is usually integrated with the company’s attendance management and payroll systems, which simplifies HR daily operations that were previously manual and time-consuming. Time and attendance software can be accessed via web or mobile’s app.

See other frequently asked questions about Mekari Talenta time and attendance software here.

Yes, we offer you the best time and attendance software that helps your company to monitor and manage employee attendance online. Talenta’s time and attendance system is a cloud-based app, so it can be accessed online either with desktop or mobile devices. Employee can also download Mekari Talenta application via Android or iOS devices and using it for online clock-in and clock-out from anywhere by using online self-attendance feature with face recognition and live-GPS system.

Time and attendance management becomes more effective and efficient due to the empowerment of self-attendance system for the employee. It eliminates the need for a separate employee attendance device, and employee attendance can be tracked from anywhere. Furthermore, it helps companies to run online with their employees work remotely from anywhere.

Right now, there are several brands of fingerprint machines that do not yet have integration with Mekari Talenta time and attendance software. For more information, please schedule a meeting with our team via

You can access to start subscribing to the best HRIS software Mekari Talenta.

You can subscribe to the employee attendance app only, but for payment, the subscription system applies as a package for all Mekari Talenta features.

The cost will be calculated based on the number of employees in the company. Please schedule a meeting with our team via to get more information.


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