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Experience simplified administration to reduce time that is often wasted due to sub-optimal organizational flows.

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“A leave application generally has to print out the leave form, fill it out, and then there is approval from the manager until it is processed by HR. The leave application process takes up to 2 weeks. With Mekari Talenta, leave applications can be processed in 10-15 minutes.”

Janny TandeanPeople & Culture Lead - Topremit

Use the HR system that reduces burden


Requests are processed slowly

Requests for leave, reimbursement, etc. are untrackable.

Fitur pengajuan cuti di dalam aplikasi HR online untuk memudahkan operasional tim sales

File in requests from your mobile

Send requests from the application and monitor its progress without needing to fill out forms or asking for help from HR.

Fitur untuk memonitor saldo cuti di dalam aplikasi HR dengan sistem employee self-service (ESS)

Check the current balance for leave & benefits any time

View the current balance for leave and reimbursements from the mobile app without making an inquiry to HR.

Fitur multiple approval di dalam aplikasi HR Talenta by Mekari untuk membantu operasional HR di perusahaan holding

Transparent request progress

Know the progress of applying for leave, overtime, reimbursements, and more, as well as assigned approvers for easier follow-up.

Fitur notifikasi pada aplikasi Talenta by Mekari

Get notified everytime new progress is made

Notifications are sent everytime a request is filed in, updated, and approved to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


Personal data is only accessible by HR

Renewing data is slow because it needs to be done from HR.

Fitur untuk mengelola data karyawan secara mandiri di dalam aplikasi HR Talenta by Mekari untuk membantu operasional HR di perusahaan holding

Access and renew personal data independently

Data related to employment, contact, family, education, payroll info, and payslip and request history can be changed directly from the platform to then be checked by HR.

Announcement feature in attendance management software by Talenta

Keep up with the latest company information

Access company directory to communicate with colleagues and stay updated on the latest policy or newcomers with company announcement channels.

Fitur untuk mengakses data slip gaji karyawan secara mandiri di dalam aplikasi HR Talenta by Mekari untuk membantu operasional HR di perusahaan holding

View payslips from the application

Payslips can be checked online without having to wait long to go through the time-consuming HR approval process.


Benefits that are not in line with needs

Standard benefits are usually irrelevant to actual needs.

Fitur untuk mengelola tunjangan karyawan secara mandiri di dalam aplikasi HR Talenta by Mekari untuk membantu operasional HR di perusahaan holding

Personalized employee benefits

Choose and claim benefits according to your needs from a curated vendor list from Mekari Flex.

Fitur untuk memeriksa saldo dan riwayat penggunaan tunjangan di dalam aplikasi HR Talenta by Mekari untuk membantu operasional HR di perusahaan holding

Check the history and balance of benefits

All information related to employee benefits can be independently checked at any time in the application.

Fitur untuk mengakses gaji lebih awal di dalam aplikasi Mekari Flex; aplikasi untuk mengelola benefit karyawan dengan fleksibel

Access salary earlier for important needs

Salary can be accessed earlier to purchase electricity, phone credit, and vouchers at a special price from the Accessible Salary feature.

More benefits for a better experience

Attendance integration with PeduliLindungi

No need to open two applications, scan the QR code and clock-in directly from Mekari Talenta.

Company calendar access

Know various activities, such as employee birthdays or employees who are on leave.

Intuitive mobile app

Access administration anytime, from anywhere with a user-friendly mobile application.

Find out what employees are saying about Mekari Talenta

Pakai Mekari Talenta sangat memudahkan, kalau mau absensi tinggal selfie aja. Aku juga bisa pantau track telat datang, jadi bisa melihat potongan gaji.

Kantor aku pakai Mekari Talenta! Seneng banget jadi tahu siapa yang cuti dan siapa yang ulang tahun, bisa ngucapin temen-temen kolega deh!

Di kantor terakhir pake Mekari Talenta. Asli enak sih, mau ngajuin cuti, liat rincian salary tinggal klik aja.

Kantorku pakai Mekari Talenta, emang seenak itu! Ngurusin payroll tinggal klik-klik-klik

Hampir semua company pake, memudahkan, kalau pake fingerprint resiko penularan covid-19 dari jari2 yang ngga tau bersih enggaknya

UI-nya mantab! Bisa liat all employer, jadi kalo mau pesan bisa kira-kira mau manggil dengan nama langsung, dengan panggilan mas, ataupun pak.

Pake Mekari Talenta udah ada mekari chatnya juga, jadi engga perlu pakai aplikasi lain semacam slack, dsb.

Emang mantep sih aplikasi Mekari Talenta! Jauh banget bedanya dan lebih oke dibanding aplikasi HR sebelah.

Enak bisa tracking semuanya di aplikasi Mekari Talenta! Apalagi soal jadwal, payslip juga bisa download sendiri tanpa minta ke staff HR.

Asli enak banget pakenya, mulai dari payslip, reimburse, request time off, semuanya mudah!

Kantorku pake Mekari Talenta! Enak banget kalau mau ngajuin cuti.

Mekari Talenta bantu banget sih! Fiturnya lengkap, mulai dari slip gaji, perubahan shift, pengajuan cuti. Keren!


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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