Expense Management

Keep track of all HR expenses with one platform

Record and manage employee expenses such as reimbursements, loans, and cash advances in one comprehensive platform

Expense Management

The problems of using a manual management system

Move on from inefficiencies such as manually answering employee queries and rectifying mistakes in data input.

Wasting time on answering queries

Employees like to ask questions related to reimbursements and cash advances. Answering them one by one is inefficient

Manual data input is ineffective

Typing down every employee expense into the system is a lengthy process that is associated with high human error risk

Prone to errors and data loss

Manual calculation carries a high human error risk that might generate inaccurate results, or even cause data loss

Benefits of the Expense Management platform

Benefits of the Expense Management platform

  • No more query answering and data input

    No need to answer questions one by one, no more complicated manual data input, all made easier with our app

  • Faster reimbursement process

    Employee reimbursement claims can be processed, reviewed, and approved directly from the mobile app

  • Eliminate the risk of human error

    A centralized database minimizes the risk of incomplete data sets, miscalculation, and data loss

How Expense Management can solves your problems

Push Notifications

Email and in-app notifications on the go

Instantly get notified whenever an employee submits a claim to make sure that everything is accounted for

Mobile App

Multi-level approvals on mobile app

Multi-level approvals can be done remotely through paperless system for a streamlined experience


Calculate and record reimbursements automatically

Automatically record and calculate reimbursement and cash advances using the application to save time and effort

Payroll Integration

Integrated payroll module

Reimbursements and employee loans are directly integrated with the payroll so manual processes are no longer needed

Expense Report

Create effortless reports quickly

With a centralized database, expense reports are easy to create directly from our application

Online Request

Request for reimbursement and cash advance via our application

Paperless system, now submission of reimburse and cash advance can be done online through our web and application

Digital Receipt

Upload proof of payment via our application

Proof of payment can be directly screenshoted and uploaded to the application for better bookkeeping

Reimbursement Status

Get reimbursement status updates

Track reimbursement approval updates transparently on mobile app

Remaining Balance

Access remaining balances transparently

Employees can access their own balance independently from mobile app

Get the most complete features for more diverse benefits

Experience easier reimbursement, cash advance, and employee loans management with Talenta by Mekari



Comprehensive reimbursement management features in one application

  • Reimbursement settings
  • Reimbursement submission from application
  • Submission notification
  • Payroll integration
  • Reimbursement report

Cash Advance

Easier cash advance management feature with payroll integration

  • Custom cash advance setup
  • Cash advance claim from app
  • Mobile phones access
  • Email and app notifications
  • Cash advance payment

Employee Loan Management

Employee loan management with payroll integration

  • Employee loan arrangements
  • Loan interest arrangement
  • Employee loan dashboard
  • Payroll integration
  • Report on employee payslip

Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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