Expense Management Application

Simplified claim processing with Expense Management

Process and monitor requests for reimbursement, loan, and cash advance quickly and accurately on an online dashboard.

Integrated and centralized employee expenses management

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Self-service requests

Send claim requests independently, and check for remaining balance from the mobile app to reduce repetitive work for HR.

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Transparent procedure

Monitor the progress of requests easily without needing to chase down HR to ask for information.

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Tracking from 1 dashboard

Employee expense status can be accessed from the online dashboard and reports are generated automatically.

Save time with self-service requests

Claims can be requested, and balances can be checked from the mobile app according to company policies.

Claim expenses on the go according to company policies

  • Account for each employee when setting claim policies by adjusting the budget and setting interest rates accordingily.
  • Go paperless by requesting directly from the mobile app. Fill out digital forms and take photos of the proof of payment.
  • Check remaining balances anytime through the mobile app without needing to contact the HR department.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus mengelola biaya dan pengeluaran perusahaan tanpa menggunakan expense management software Mekari Talenta

HR needs to waste time dealing with repetitive work

  • Unclear expense policies slows down the flow of claim processing and negatively impacts operations.
  • Forms and receipts are scattered because data is stored physically. The risk of losing data is also high.
  • Low visibility for reimbursement balance and employees have to ask HR because there is no option to check independently.

“With Reimbursement feature by Mekari Talenta, we do not need to recap employee balances one by one. After the reimbursement application is approved, the balance will automatically decrease. Employees can check the remaining balance independently.”

Lindi AninditaCompensation and Benefit Supervisor

Enable self-service request system

Reduce burden on HR with transparency

HR no longer needs to answer repetitive questions, and chase down an employee’s superiors for approvals.

Approve, calculate, and disburse employee expenses accurately

  • Always stay updated on claim status since the process can be checked transparently anytime on the mobile app.
  • Set automatic and custom approval flows and send notifications regarding the approval or denial of requests.
  • Automatically combine or separate employee expenses from salary disbursement in accordance with company policies.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus mengelola biaya dan pengeluaran perusahaan tanpa menggunakan expense management software Mekari Talenta

Convoluted approval flow slows down claim processing

  • No transparency regarding claim processing and employees only know the end result of claims being approved or denied.
  • The claim process is full of pursuits from HR to the employee’s superiors and other involved parties for approval.
  • Manual calculations and data recap for reimbursements, cash advances, and loans need to be done to process payroll.

“The process is helpful. We only need to see the attachment and can immediately approve it. It has also integrated with payroll.”

Irawati Abdul Latif HR Manager AYANA Komodo

Obtain transparency for claim requests

Monitor everything ongoing in real time

Track employee expenses and ensure that costs are reported accurately in real time with less paperwork.

Compiling reports manually is no longer necessary

  • All claims are recorded and processed on one online dashboard that automatically generates expense reports.
  • Gain visibility over expense status to monitor ongoing claims, installments, interest rates, etc. on the web dashboard.
  • Show deductions and settlements in payslips automatically for all loans and cash advances from each employee.
Ilustrasi seorang pegawai HR yang harus mengelola biaya dan pengeluaran perusahaan tanpa menggunakan expense management software Mekari Talenta

Employees expense reporting is filled with risks for error

  • Unsecured data archiving due to data being stored in different mediums and formats. Risk of data loss is also high.
  • Difficulty in monitoring claim status and employees are forced to chase down HR to get updates.
  • Allowances and deductions are not transparent on the payslip regarding reimbursement, cash advances, and loans.

“Reporting using Mekari Talenta is complete. In terms of experience, the appearance also makes me understand better what data I need.”

Khairullah DahlanHead of HR Narasi

Bring automation to employee request processing

Tampilan fitur Talenta Portal dari aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta untuk membantu proses absensi on-site

Monitor attendance on-site
with Talenta Portal

Turn your tablet into an attendance machine with Talenta Portal for attendance management in multiple work locations without the risk of fraud.

Direct integration with PeduliLindungi

Employees may check in by scanning the PeduliLindung QR code directly from the Mekari Talenta mobile app.

Tampilan fitur integrasi aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta dengan PeduliLindungi

Leading companies have successfully grown with Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta continues to innovate features that enable you to meet business needs in various industries.

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Benefits of the Expense Management platform

Get convenience in processing payroll with Mekari Talenta.

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Comprehensive reimbursement management in one application
  • Custom reimbursement policies
  • Request reimbursements via mobile
  • Real time notifications
  • Integration with payroll
  • Reimbursement reports
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Cash Advance

Easier cash advance management with payroll integration
  • Custom cash advance policies
  • Request cash advance via mobile
  • Mobile phone access
  • Notifications via e-mail and app
  • Cash advance settlements
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Employee Loan Management

Employee loan management with payroll integration
  • Custom employee loan policies
  • Easily set interest rates
  • Employee loan dashboard
  • Integration with payroll
  • Employee loan report on the payslip

One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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