Retail & F&B Industry

Multi-outlet solution for complex shifting & payroll

Manage shift scheduling and payroll calculations with the automated cloud-based HRIS for maximum efficiency

Multi-outlet solution for complex shifting & payroll

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“Talenta’s Request Attendance feature is very helpful, especially with HR who deals with time management, attendance, and leave. WFH employees or those who visit stores can still be clock-in by filling out a description of the absence submission on the Talenta mobile application.”

Achmad JunaediHR Manager - HAUS!

Commonly seen issues in the retail & F&B industry

Different shift schedules at each outlet

Preparing & monitoring shift schedules at each outlet takes a lot of time

Online access to data from every outlet

Use the online dashboard from the website or mobile application to access data from every outlet in real time

Authorization level setting for each user

The main admin at the head office can delegate different access rights to each outlet manager to make HR administration more efficient

Managing different shifting patterns with ease

Edit various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates to manage employee shifts

Change shift schedules quickly via mobile

Requests and approval for shift changes can be done online and will be directly integrated with attendance

Communicate shift schedules through the app

Shift schedules are available online for employees to access at any time to minimize the risk of miscommunication and delays

Employee time theft

Too many loopholes for faking attendance even with a fingerprint machine

Online attendance for multiple outlets

Perform attendance online via mobile with GPS and selfie support to ensure that there is no fraud in employee attendance data

Custom policies for tardiness

Set penalties and specify a tolerance time for being late in the system to make attendance data easier to manage

Easier onboarding and offboarding process

Thanks to direct integration with the attendance and payroll modules, manual adjustments are no longer needed every time there is a recruitment or transfer of employees

Manage employee database at each outlet

Employee outlet details can be recorded in a custom employee database field so admins know which outlet is this employee assigned to

Manual payroll processing takes time

Consolidating attendance data from various outlets to process payroll is very time consuming

Integration between attendance and payroll modules

Attendance for shifts, leave, and overtime will be automatically recorded by the system without the need for manual recording and counting

Access payroll-related data in real time

The cloud-based system allows payroll to be processed in a timely and accurate manner through an online dashboard

Import service charge calculations into payroll

Disbursement for employee service charge does not need to be done separately from basic salary and other benefits for a faster payroll process

Employee discounts are deducted in payroll

Deductions for employee discounts can be set as a payroll component to facilitate the payroll process

Additional benefits for you

Claim reimbursement via mobile

Reimbursements are paperless and processed transparently through the mobile app

Automatic allocation for shift allowance

Set benefits for employees who replaced other employees who are absent


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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