Talenta Portal

Practical on-site attendance without expensive hardware

  • Just 1 tablet without high specs
  • Data integration with HRIS & payroll
  • Real-time monitoring to prevent fraud
Talenta Portal

Streamlined multi-location attendance

Clock-in, clock-out, and record break times easily through the tablet in front of the office/reception desk.


Real-time sync to the cloud-based system

Employee data, shift schedules, and attendance logs are automatically synchronized to the cloud for easy payroll recapitulation.


Equipped with face recognition tech

Identify employees based on their photograph when they request attendance to prevent buddy punching.


Using a tablet as the attendance machine

Simply install the app on a tablet without needing to pay for the expensive implementation & maintenance fees of conventional attendance machines.

What makes Talenta Portal better?

Monitor employee attendance online without expensive hardware fees and streamline the payroll process through data integration with the HRIS.

Multi-location attendance

Streamline the attendance process in multiple locations without incurring heave expenses.

Online & real time data synchronization

Access attendance data in real time in the HRIS for an accurate and streamlined payroll process.

Face recognition technology

Ensure that attendance data is 100% accurate by checking employee photograph to prevent attendance fraud.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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