Touchless Portal

On-site attendance system with facial recognition

The perfect solution for your attendance system with a faster and more advanced face recognition technology that is automatically synchronized with your HR software, suitable for on-site attendance in various places and industries.

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Talenta Portal comes in two solutions

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Touchless portal

Face recognition with contactless technology.

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Basic portal

Face recognition using tablet kiosk.

Why do you need to use Talenta Portal?

Manage employee attendance seamlessly with a safe, fast, and HRIS-integrated facial recognition attendance system and increase your business productivity.

Easy and quick employee attendance

  • User-friendly system with contactless face recognition technology
  • Large number of attendance recorded within a shorter time
  • Optimize working schedule according to employee attendance
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System integrated seamlessly with HRIS

  • Access attendance data on HRIS at any time for an accurate payroll processing
  • Easy integration that supports company’s employee attendance SOP
  • Real-time data synchronization to HRIS without manual data export
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Guaranteed security for your business

  • A more secure and accurate attendance recording
  • Prevent acts of misuse by giving confidential access to specific employees
  • Increase compliance with company policy and avoid attendance fraud with an accurate facial recognition system
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Talenta Portal is very helpful for PT Citra Shipyard employees to do attendance faster and also minimize the cost of managing employee operations.

Ribka Ginting
HR Superintendent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between touchless portal and basic portal?

Touchless portal is an attendance machine using touchless facial recognition technology that is directly integrated with Mekari Talenta’s HRIS.

For the basic portal, attendance is done by using facial recognition system through a tablet or iPad, with employees must first touch the iPad.

Talenta Portal works by utilizing facial recognition technology on a facial recognition machine and a tablet or iPad placed at the check-in area. Employees do not need to be fingerprinted, as these devices will use facial recognition to detect employee attendance.

Yes, attendance data is synchronized to Mekari Talenta’s central system at the head office automatically. The device also has an internal storage feature so the data will remain safe even when there is no internet connection.

Integration with the existing system is very easy to do. IT team can easily setup and integrate with the current system to implement Talenta Portal throughout the organization.

Yes, Talenta Portal complies with security and data privacy regulations. Facial recognition technology adds an additional layer of security to ensure compliance with security and data privacy requirements.

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Elevate business and employee productivity with Talenta Portal

Faster and more accurate employee attendance with Talenta Portal’s face recognition to boost your business and employee productivity.

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