Self-managed Database

Secured and easily accessible database management

  • Paperless and centralized database
  • Update information with ease
  • Ease of access for employees
Self-managed Database

Multi-layer approval for security

Requests to update employee information can be reviewed and approved securely through the mobile app


Update information straight from mobile

Employee information can be updated by employees independently via mobile to speed up the process of database management


Data is securely stored in the cloud

Save and organize documents in the Talenta by Mekari mobile app and access them anytime from anywhere


Up-to-date company calendar

Ensure that everyone constantly gets the latest information regarding the events that are happening in the company


Employee directory

Access relevant employee information such as full name, division, birth date, and etc., for easier and faster communication

Why choose Talenta by Mekari?

Talenta by Mekari answers the issues faced by HR and employees in regards to payslip distribution with an automated and integrated system

Simplified database management

Database management is more organized and easily accessible by employees directly from their mobile phones

Update information with ease

Employees can update their personal information securely using the mobile app or through a web browser

Access anywhere, at anytime

Real time HR and company information can be accessed online through the multi-platform application


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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