Performance management tools

High productivity with performance management software

Monitor performance objectively by setting effective goals and providing all-inclusive feedback for the workforce.

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More than 3,500 companies appraise performance with Talenta by Mekari

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Develop high-performing teams & keep the company moving towards goals

Actual and real time employee performance monitoring

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Transparent OKR alignment

Align individuals and teams around shared goals and OKRs, track business progress, and tackle issues early on.

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Review performance objectively

Eliminate the need for physical documents and take advantage of  Mekari Talenta’s comprehensive review methods.

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Foster employee recognition

Simplify performance review calculations and build a culture of recognition to boost morale and productivity.

Set actionable goals & KPI

Manage goals & KPIs transparently and objectively to ensure that every employee always stays on track.

Achieve targets through monitored progress

  • Set, track, and manage KPIs transparently on the online dashboard to ensure that everyone consistently moves towards organizational improvement.
  • Ensure progress is always in line with company goals as progress towards KPI targets can be checked in real time.
  • Quantitative KPI assessment to measure employee performance based on the KPI achievement of each individual.
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Standard perf. reviews are ineffective

  • Difficulty in getting everyone on the same page around what teams are doing and how their work impacts the organization.
  • Difficulties in monitoring the progress for KPIs to plan the daily work necessary to ensure targets are achieved.
  • Feedbacks are delayed and often cause work to require revisions because minor issues have escalated into problems.
Foto dari Dian Wahyuni, Junior Manager SDM di Sarana Jaya

“With this assessment feature from Mekari Talenta, superiors can evaluate the employee more transparent. Both superiors and subordinates can get detailed feedback and make more mature decisions.”

Dian WahyuniJunior Manager of Pembangunan Sarana Jaya HR

Drive alignment and accountability with Talenta by Mekari

Perform better with on-target feedback

Continuous improvement through growth-oriented reviews

  • Make the review process actionable through customizable review templates that are accessible online to reduce paperwork.
  • Collect peer feedback with 360-Feedback Review, Self-Review, Manager Review, etc. methods for objectivity.
  • No need to chase down employees who are under review because reports & review status can be checked in real time.
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Biased and slow review process

  • Paper-based reviews are time-consuming kbecause employees need to manually gather evidence of their work for the review.
  • Biased top-down review does not provide actionable feedback as it does not take into account all factors at work.
  • Need to chase down employees to complete reviews and thus productivity is difficult to measure quickly and accurately.
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“With Performance Review, all employees can fill out a review in the system, so HR only needs to pass the data on to their superiors. If there are employees who fill out reviews in a short time, there is no problem because the process is fast.”

MuksalminaStaff of Information Systems and Organizational Management BPMA

Discover how leading companies drive a culture of continuous feedback and improvement with Talenta by Mekari

Support employee growth through accurate evaluation

Keep employees invested in their work to boost performance by setting a goals-to-rewards incentive system.

Simplifies performance and talent calibration

  • No manual processing is necessary because the system automatically summarizes all details in the review process.
  • Automatic talent mapping based on potential and performance obtained from the results of a 9-box matrix review.
  • Define and setup employee incentive schemes which will be integrated with the payroll module for accurate calculations.
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No concrete data to justify incentives

  • Analysis of paper-based reviews is slow due to needing to input and reformat the data first before doing the analysis.
  • Difficulty in mapping talents for promotion, redeployment, or dismissal because performance data is not available.
  • Difficulty in providing incentive programs to employees because performance is not measured accurately.
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“The review process is shortened because the status of the review can be seen from the system. It cuts the process where I used to have to remind employees constantly.”

PutraPT. Ako Media Asia / SALT

Increase employee engagement and productivity with Talenta by Mekari

Leading companies have successfully grown with Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta continues to innovate features that enable you to meet business needs in various industries.

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A Comprehensive Platform for Employee Performance Review

Easily manage employee performance assessment, from task distribution to performance review, in one app.

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Employee Task Management

Manage employee actvities in a more practical and organized way using the integrated task management feature
  • Task Management
  • Project Management
  • Email & Push Notification
  • KPI Management Integration
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Employee Performance Review

Thoroughly and easily assess employee performance using the performance feature and its complete methods
  • 360-Feedback Review
  • Self-Review
  • Direct Report/Team Review
  • Performance Review Management
  • Email & Push Notification
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KPI-based Performance Review

Enables businesses to achieve their goals and monitor their employee performance in real time
  • Set up Company/Team Goal
  • Create and Assign Tasks
  • Update and Monitor Goal Status
  • Automatically Calculate Employee Incentive
  • Employee Incentive Payment

Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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