Payroll Software for A Streamlined and Accurate Payroll Management

Get to know the one software that can give you automatic, risk-free, streamlined payroll calculation and payment systems —all at once

Accurate payroll calculation
Flexible payroll disbursement
Software with utmost security

Payroll Calculation

Integrated with required variables like attendance and leave logs; find no more hassles in producing a law-compliant payroll calculation


Payroll Disbursement

Enjoy various options to suit the payment transfer scheme to your needs without interbank transfer fee


Payroll Report

Prepare your report details in advance and access necessary information anytime, from anywhere with your internet connection


Payslip Generator

Get your employees the safest and easiest access to their payslip without requiring any complicated process and request

Evan Tree

"We love the payroll feature. Talenta is able to automatically calculate taxes, this is especially important when we have many components. Talenta really helps us with agile, automatic calculation."

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