Online attendance system

Streamline all HR works with online attendance application

Integrate all attendance, shift schedules, and overtime calculations directly into payroll automatically.

Let's switch to high-tech attendance system

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Complete scheduling system

Free from schedule overlap, preparation of employee schedules and shifts can be communicated more quickly.

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Monitor attendance in real time

Increase the credibility of employee attendance with GPS and selfie features.

Ikon online payroll system

Automatic integration with payroll system

The calculation of deductions and allowances to payroll is 100% accurate with fully automatic documentation of leave and overtime.

Manage employee timetable online

Arrange a basic office schedule from 9-t0-5 working hours to more complicated system and shift with online attendance application.

Manage schedules and shifts online

  • Integrate schedule automatically in real time without manual adjustments with mobile attendance feature or fingerprint machines.
  • Learn and monitor shifts online unlimited by your place or time, accessible from mobile app or web dashboard.
  • Change shift form application and enjoy a better administration process; a practical, transparent, and, efficient.
An illustration of how HR works without the help from online attendance application and system

Ineffectual in shifts scheduling

  • Double adjustments is necessary on the machine after shifts and schedule are done manually.
  • Repeatedly miscommunication over work schedules and shifts when there are various documents that can only be updated and checked manually.
  • Shift changes are difficult to manage as often being done verbally, unrecorded, and get in the way HR operations.
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“Talenta really helps us to manage shift schedules, especially since our company has many store locations. By using Talenta, we can monitor the conditions of on-site employees more easily.”

MarshaHRD - Fore Coffee

Let's manage schedules and shifts accurately with Mekari Talenta

Track employee attendance online

Support employee productivity with a high-tech Indonesian attendance system without location barriers.

Report attendance and punch out online

  • Monitor attendance from anywhere in real time from mobile application or desktop.
  • Prevent fake attendance through comprehensive Live Attendance feature, supported with GPS tracker and face recognition system.
  • Improve employee discipline by configuring tolerance for lateness and rest hours that can be tracked from dashboard.
An illustration of fake attendance because a company is not using online attendance and system from Mekari Talenta

Manual absence has big chance of being cheated

  • Attendance is not strictly monitored and there is no integration into the cloud database to make it accessible periodically.
  • Skeptical about the attendance data as it’s being processed manually and has potential loopholes for dishonesty and fake attendance.
  • Employees are getting lazy due to the provision of lateness and rest hours which are limited to formalities without really being monitored.
Foto dari Nilam Melati, HR Manager Ayana

“With Live Attendance, we can directly check for gaps in clock ins and clock outs. We can immediately follow up attendance issues to employees without waiting for the reconciliation period.”

Nilam MelatiHR Manager - Ayana Resort & Spa Bali

Improve attendance credibility with Mekari Talenta

Leave and overtime without manual recap

Documenting and processing employee leave and overtime manually has less quality in accuracy, especially in calculating deductions and allowances for payroll.

Record leave and overtime automatically

  • Quickly recap and calculate attendance data accurately according to working hours, leave, and overtime to payroll.
  • Standardize distribution of leave and overtime policies via a cloud-based platform supported with a request and approval system based on organization hierarchies.
  • Transparent recitation follow-up with free features to set tiered approval to the highest level.
Illustration of an HR employee that is not using online attendance application and system

High risks of errors in recording leave and overtime

  • Submissions are documented improperly due to a manual process with paper that is often scattered and lost.
  • Complex submission process is prone to miscommunication which can led to errors when inputting data.
  • Recapitulating attendance is wasteful of time without help from the system due to large amount of data needed to be reassured.
Foto dari Lindi Anindita

“Requesting leave from the Talenta app helps HR because the employee leave balance is directly updated on the system. After the leave request is approved, automatic deductions gets applied on the leave balance.”

Lindi AninditaCompensation and Benefit Supervisor - Sayurbox

Enjoy various benefits of managing attendance with Mekari Talenta

Talenta Portal in online attendance application and system

Manage attendance on-site
with Talenta Portal

With Talenta Portal, transform a tablet device into an attendance machine and manage your employee in numerous locations without any chance of fake data.

Weel-integrated with PeduliLindungi

Company and employee can combine attendance activity from Mekari Talenta mobile app with PeduliLindungi QR code.

PeduliLindungi in online attendance application and system by Mekari Talenta

Various leading companies have successfully developed their business with us

Mekari Talenta is continuously improving to create the best system that can meet business needs in various industries.

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What is attendance management application?

Attendance management application is a platform that provides companies or businesses with a employee attendance management system. The app or program usually serves with features that help business in managing employee, ranging from shift scheduling, online check-in, real-time monitoring, and automatic report recap.

One example is Mekari Talenta’s attendance application. It helps daily HR activities by scheduling process more concise, accurate, and effective without manual processes.

Read other questions and answers about Mekari Talenta’s attendance application here.

True, Talenta’s attendance application is based on cloud technology so that it can be accessed online anywhere and anytime, either through the website or smartphone.

Therefore, this also makes it easier for employees and company to manage attendance and monitor their own data history.

The various comprehensive features of Talenta can give businesses various conveniences to increase productivity. By using Talenta, they can perform all HR operations, such as shift scheduling and schedule delays/leaves in a more practical, efficient, and less human errors.

A cloud data bank will make it easier for businesses as well to search and update information in an integrated and automatic manner. In addition, monitoring of work productivity can also be carried out at any location in real time.

Currently, there are still several brands of fingerprint machines that cannot be integrated with Mekari Talenta. However, for more information, please schedule a meeting with our team via

If you want to use Mekari Talenta, you can access to consult with our team as well as to start subscribing.

You can only use attendance system and application. However, the payment for the subscription system still applies as a package for all Mekari Talenta’s features.

One of Talenta’s advantages is that our package system will depend on the number of employees in your company. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting excessive fees and please schedule a meeting with our sales to consult via


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