HR digital transformation at Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia: 88% increased business efficiency

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About Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Mitsubishi Corporation is a multinational company that operates and grows with all its subsidiaries and its global company network which consists of around 1,700 group companies.

More widely known in Indonesia as a company that manufactures four-wheeled vehicles, Mitsubishi Corporation actually has 10 business groups that operate in various sectors such as natural gas, chemical solutions, mineral resources, infrastructure, food industry, urban development, and others. Currently, there are around 60 companies in Indonesia under the Mitsubishi Group that operate in different fields.

Challenges in HR management

Previously, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia had used an HRIS to manage its HR needs. The decision to change the system began due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought new HR management challenges.

According to Kei Muta, as the Indonesia Head of Administrations from Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia, they need a system that is much easier to understand in terms of appearance and use to support employee productivity during the COVID era.

“We started implementing work-from-home during COVID, so we needed something that is very easy to use for when our employees are working from home, or any other place outside the office,” said Kei. Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia needs a solution to monitor attendance remotely, that is also easy to use.

Apart from that, the HR team faced difficulties concerning data organization and analysis of employee data because the data related to new employee information, employee tenure, and work progress are all stored in separate files. Therefore, HR must start by collecting and compiling data when they want to perform data analysis. This is time-consuming and inefficient, especially for companies with a large number of employees such as Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia.

Finding the best solution

To answer these challenges, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia needs a solution that can meet the following needs:

  1. Flexible online attendance system for recording attendance from anywhere per work policies, with an additional layer of validation to avoid fraud.
  2. HR application with a user-friendly interface that can be immediately used to its full potential without a big learning curve and is secure.
  3. Self-service administration to support dynamic work policies and various administrative needs such as paperless leave applications and efficient payslip requests.  
  4. Centralized database to store and organize all employee data, as well as prospective employees in one place.
  5. Automated data analysis to support the monitoring of metrics such as employee turnover, as well as faster decision-making regarding business continuity strategies.

Kei Muta said that Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia needed a solution that is very easy to understand for a fast implementation process and can immediately increase productivity.

Therefore, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia decided to collaborate with Mekari Talenta as a provider of integrated HR solutions that can streamline workflow. The total time required to implement the Mekari Talenta system is around 3 months.

With flexible working hours, everyone’s starting and ending time is different. Using Mekari Talenta, it’s very easy to manage the working hours of all employees because of its user-friendly dashboard on the mobile app.

Kei Muta, Indonesia Head of Administrations, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Mekari Talenta as a trusted HR partner

With Mekari Talenta’s easy-to-use cloud-based software, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia has successfully adapted to WFH work policies without sacrificing productivity:

  1. Live Attendance from Mekari Talenta is used to streamline WFH workflows and monitor attendance accurately.
  2. Mobile Application from Mekari Talenta can be downloaded and used by employees to take care of all administrative needs independently from their smartphones.
  3. Forms from Mekari Talenta is utilized for various paperless and organized employee data survey needs.
  4. Database Management from Mekari Talenta is used for safer company data management with multilevel data access control and can be accessed 24/7 in real-time.
  5. Insights from Mekari Talenta provides dashboards and reports to monitor and analyze various needs, such as employee turnover data and clear data on employees who have the potential to resign.

Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia has succeeded in supporting WFH and hybrid work policies by implementing Mekari Talenta HRIS which is easy to understand and easily used by all employees.

The HR team can easily access various data quickly and accurately, and other employees can request attendance and do administration paperlessly directly from the Mekari Talenta application that is available on their smartphones.

Mekari Talent is easy to use. Pretty much self-explanatory and you don’t need a lot of training to use the system; it’s very seamless and simple.

Dinda Lestari, Assistant Manager HR, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Results gained by Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Flexibility to request attendance from anywhere

In the COVID-19 pandemic era, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia employees can easily take attendance from outside the office via the Mekari Talenta mobile application which is equipped with Facial Recognition features and also GPS Tracking which ensures the accuracy of attendance data.

Rafaela Ayu Trihapsari, Senior Officer of General Affairs from Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia, said that her team is very thankful for the Live Attendance feature because she could easily collect attendance data from the system.

Currently, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia has started implementing a hybrid work system and Mekari Talenta’s Live Attendance is still being used because the HR team can check employee attendance accurately with ease. There is no more time wasted to collect and process attendance data manually.

After using Mekari Talenta, employees can easily clock-in and clock-out via Live Attendance. As a member of GA who has to collect data every week, it really helps me because the data presented in the automatic dashboard is very clear and detailed.

Rafaela Ayu Trihapsari, Senior Officer of General Affairs, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

The convenience of managing HR data seamlessly

Implementation and socialization of Mekari Talenta’s HRIS went smoothly because Mekari Talenta’s dashboard is easy to understand. Mekari Talenta can be accessed online from the web, as well as from the mobile application to support the productivity of all employees.

Changes in work policies to WFH and hybrid do not affect performance because employees can now perform various administrative processes via mobile applications.

We want a system that can be used to process attendance data that can also make it easier for our colleagues to request for leave and time-off.

Dinda Lestari, Assistant Manager HR, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Paperless form management

Gone are the piles of physical forms and documents that are difficult to organize and access quickly because Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia now uses the Forms feature from Mekari Talenta for paperless data management.

The General Affairs team can easily send out various surveys such as requests for office equipment and employee data collection via a hyperlink to be filled in by employees. After the forms are filled, the results will be recorded directly in the Mekari Talenta database. This cuts significant time in handling employee surveys.

Previously, we had to blast emails to employees and wait for their replies. This takes a lot of time, even up to 1 week. But with Forms, the whole process takes 2 days.

Rafaela Ayu Trihapsari, Senior Officer General Affairs, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Integrated online database

Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia experiences convenience from Mekari Talenta’s centralized database. Employees can apply for leave easily from their smartphones, to then be reviewed and approved by HR directly from the Mekari Talenta system. This provides transparency in the leave application process for all parties, and this process is automatically recorded in full and stored in the centralized database.

Mekari Talenta’s database also automatically follows the latest government regulations and policies. This makes it easier for all HR staff to immediately process data without fear of making mistakes because the latest regulations and policies appear directly in the Mekari Talenta application.

One of the benefits of using Mekari Talenta is that the system is always up-to-date with Indonesia’s government regulations. So we are very confident in using the system as it is always up-to-date.

Kei Muta, Indonesia Head of Administrations, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Self-service employee data management

In addition, the centralized online database also supports new employee onboarding needs. Previously, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia needed approximately one month to collect and sort new employee data because everything was done via email. Now, because employees can directly enter data into Mekari Talenta, the whole process can be completed in 2 working days.

We used to have to collect data about 1 month before the new employee came on board. It takes a long time and is less effective because the system itself is troublesome. With Mekari Talenta, in 1-2 days, we can get all the data.

Rafaela Ayu Trihapsari, Senior Officer General Affair, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Employees can also apply for overtime and leave directly from the Mekari Talenta mobile application for a fast process that is free from physical forms.

Fast & accurate HR data analysis

The HR data analysis process becomes easier with Insights from Mekari Talenta. Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia can quickly identify important HR trends to create better business sustainability strategies.

As an example, many employees have worked for more than 10 years, and with the Insight feature from Mekari Talenta, the HR team can check various information related to these employees such as the type of training that has been carried out, previous positions, and so on.

In addition, accurate data regarding employee turnover can be accessed directly at any time. Now the GA team can create a better employee retention strategy because previously, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia did not have a specific function to accurately find out the number of employees who resigned in a certain period.

Once we can collect information and analyze data from Insights, the HR and GA teams can create better employee management strategies in the future.

Rafaela Ayu Trihapsari, Senior Officer of General Affairs, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

Mekari in the eyes of Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia

When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, many companies had to transition to a WFH work system, and Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia was one of them. With the support of Mekari Talenta’s HRIS which is online, integrated, and easy to use by everyone, this transition runs smoothly without reducing employee productivity.

Attendance recording becomes more accurate, and thus the HR and GA teams can easily manage various employee data which has previously hampered efficiency. In addition, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia now manages HR paperlessly for faster and easier data access.

Interested in carrying out HR digital transformation like Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia? Learn more about Mekari Talenta at this link, or schedule a demo with our team here.

We trust Mekari because it is one of the leading SaaS providers in Indonesia. As a Japanese company, we put a lot of trust and confidence in using services from trustworthy companies, and Mekari has always been very supportive, has a strong team, and is always up-to-date with current regulations.

Kei Muta, Indonesia Head of Administrations, Mitsubishi Corporation Indonesia
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