Online form application

Employee data collection made easy with HR form templates

Create and distribute onboarding forms and employee surveys with ease through integration with the employee database.

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Streamlined form management through centralization

Manage forms quickly without bothersome processes

Create forms in minutes

Use various templates to create forms in a jiffy and collect responses in an organized manner on the online system.

Direct form distribution

HRIS integration makes it possible to assign forms to each employee without needing to look for individual contacts.

Check for form completeness

Collected forms can be reviewed first to ensure that all questions have been answered completely and accurately.

Create forms and collect data with ease

Forms can be effectively created and collected online in a secure and centralized database.

Secured online form management

  • Data is fully owned by the company and is not shared with third party vendors as the related data is centralized.
  • Forms are created online from the web dashboard, and respondents can quickly fill in the forms from their phones or web.
  • Insert various types of questions such as the likert scale, checkboxes, etc. with the drag-and-drop feature as needed.
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Unorganized form management

  • Scattered forms & documents are hard to find when needed because they are not stored in one centralized system.
  • Physical forms does not support the digital work culture that prioritizes mobility and long distance efficiency.
  • Time-consuming form creation because simple templates usually need changes to make them appropriate for corporate use.

Manage forms as needed with Talenta Forms

Distribute forms quickly from the system

Created forms can be easily distributed to employees to be filled in without wasting time.

Share forms directly to employees

  • Data integration with HRIS allows forms to be distributed without needing to find individual employee contacts.
  • Assign forms to specific employees directly from the system and monitor the completion status from an online dashbaord.
  • Streamlined onboarding processes as specific forms can be assigned to new hires automatically.
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Forms must be distributed one by one

  • Difficulties in distributing forms to specific employees as the employee database is not synchronized with the system.
  • Forms are still sent through emails or chat to each employee as HR can not distribute forms directly from the system.
  • Cumbersome onboarding process for everyone because forms needs to be selected and sent individually to every new hire.

Distribute forms without worries with Talenta Forms

Make sure that all answers are complete

Check and review answers from respondents to ensure that there are no missed questions or incomplete answers.

Check respondent's answers with ease

  • Admin can re-check answers before they are submitted to make sure that all forms are filled out completely & correctly.
  • Delegate additional approvers to review respondent’s answers so that the data obtained is more accurate.
  • Check answers from a user-friendly dashboard for a smooth approval process that does not waste time.
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Forms are not filled out completely

  • Forms are collected without review and makes data collection prone to the risk of incomplete & incorrect answers.
  • Ineffective approval flow due to having to manually communicate everytime an additional approver is assigned to a form.
  • Hard to check the answers because access to the files have to be given one by one by the admin who owns the form.

Make sure questions are completed correctly with Talenta Forms

Get instant benefits

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Send onboarding forms to new hires automatically and directly upload documents such as KTP, KK, and NPWP to the system.

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HR operations

Streamline approval flows with lengthy processes such as for requesting employee equipment and job changes.

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Employee engagement

Measure employee engagement, satisfaction, and get feedback through forms that are easily-accessed from the mobile app.

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Returning laptops, ID cards, exit feedbacks, etc. becomes faster and more organized using the offboarding checklist.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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