Employee performance and appraisal management

Employee performance management and career development software

Improve productivity through streamlined performance monitoring and employee career development programs.

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Streamline business processes with employee performance and career development software

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KPI Alignment

Easily align employee performance in accordance with business objectives.

Ikon kartu pegawai

Objective performance review

Various assessment methods to evaluate employee performance.

Ikon profil pegawai

Career development

Increase productivity through comprehensive development plans.

Dashboard pengelolaan KPI di dalam aplikasi penilaian kinerja karyawan Mekari Talenta
KPI & performance assessment software

Align KPIs with business goals to increase productivity

  • Organize KPIs, Tasks, and Projects transparently to support the realization of business goals.
  • Systematic KPIs, Tasks, and Projects management without the need for manual recapitulations.
  • Monitor and increase employee productivity through easily-accessible KPI management.
  • Enable HR to include employees’ attendance and reprimand data in performance review process for deduction factor.
Fitur performa analisis di dalam aplikasi penilaian kinerja karyawan Mekari Talenta
Performance review and analysis application

Gain real-time insights on employee performance

  • Comprehensive performance appraisal methods that can be used for every situation.
  • Monitor employee achievements in real time to make timely business decisions.
  • Ensure consistency and fairness in the review process with automated review calibration.
  • Save more than 90% of the time wasted on assessments because data and insights are shown within minutes.
Fitur succession plan management di dalam aplikasi penilaian kinerja karyawan Mekari Talenta
Talent management application

Boost productivity through smart career development programs

  • Create incentive schemes based on achievements that is integrated directly with the payroll module.
  • Generate succession plans to facilitate succession needs and career empowerment based on competencies.
  • Empower employees with Individual Development Plan through task personalization that is in line with their career aspirations.

Top performance management features of Mekari Talenta

Why businesses trust Mekari Talenta's employee appraisal and development system

Ikon komputasi cloud


Free from installation, maintenance, and platform development expenses.

Ikon jaminan keamanan data

Secured data system

ISO 27001 certified with international standard procedures security system.

Ikon dedicated customer support

Dedicated Support

Dedicated assistance from initial consulting, implementation, and after-sales.

Ikon berbentuk hati

No Learning Curve

Intuitive and user-friendly UI eliminates the need for product training.

Ikon siklus dan dukungan integrasi

Integration support

Super easy integration and a flexible API module according to business needs.

Ikon kelompok atau komunitas

HR Ecosytem

Networking support and empowerment with the HR Community in Indonesia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is employee performance appraisal app?

Employee performance appraisal application is a platform to monitor and evaluate employee performance with various calculation methods. For example, measuring achievements based on KPIs, as well as consolidating feedback from superiors and colleagues to ensure that their respective activities and tasks are in line with company goals.

Using performance appraisal applications, companies can easily evaluate employee performance, but still with accurate and comprehensive results. The employee development process has also become more targeted.

Read full questions and answers about using the employee performance appraisal app here.

As one of the support systems for the company’s development, employee performance appraisal applications should have comprehensive features that help HR to evaluate work performance objectively and overall. Here are 5 important and mandatory features in the employee performance appraisal application:

1. Management of evaluation matrix

In accordance with its purpose to evaluate and understand employee performance, of course features to manage the matrix will be needed and its presence is important. The feature does not need to provide a scoring system with complex metrics, but it is easy to understand, use, clear, and able to provide objective results. For example, there are metrics based on the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive).

2. Automated and flexible system

One of the advantages to be achieved when using an application to evaluate employee performance is effectiveness and convenience. Of course then it becomes important for the application to provide a system that is able to work automatically and online, so that it can be accessed flexibly from anywhere.

3. Adjustment of the assessment method as needed

There are several methods of evaluating employee performance. Some examples are Management by Objectives (MBO), Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS), assessment center method, human resource (cost) accounting method, and 360-degree feedback. Every company needs to use different methods based on the perspective they want to get. Therefore, it is important for the application to provide a customizable assessment method.

4. Task and project management

How an employee is responsible for and contributes to tasks and projects is some of the important parameters in the appraisal process. In addition, with the task and project management feature, the company will be able to create better coordination between employees.

5. Planning for promotion

Employee resignation is something that will happen sooner or later, and will usually reduce productivity if the one who resigns is in a high position within the company. Therefore, HR must be prepared to fill strategic position vacancies in the company when needed by creating a plan for training and also developing potential employees.

6. Integrated with comprehensive HRIS

It would be ideal if an employee performance appraisal application was also integrated with HRIS. That way, the company’s HR will be able to align the results of the performance evaluation with employee data. For example, attendance data, attendance, leave, overtime, payroll, positions, and others. If the application can be integrated with a comprehensive HRIS, overall HR operations will be easier to do from one dashboard.

The Mekari Talenta application provides a comprehensive platform to assess employee performance through the 360-feedback review feature, task and project management, and performance appraisal management based on KPI achievements. By using the Mekari Talenta application, companies can simplify the employee evaluation process, and still get objective and accurate results to continue supporting employee and company productivity.

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