HR management software for your company

Less HR workload with human resource management system

Simplified human resource work in one complete online software that helps record the recruitment process to a safe employee database system.

Modern way to make HR operations run faster

All-in-one employee online database

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Access from everywhere

Data can be accessed from anywhere since its online based and safe because the system has international security standards.

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Avoid HR problems

Smooth out information, approval and work processes with integrated system of human resource process management software.

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Practical recruitment process

Manage talents from their recruitment until onboarding thoroughly with no steps missed in a talent management system.

Online database can do more

Enable HR to work more effective with accessible and synchronized employee data online.

Effortless data management

  • No longer need for cross-checks with flexible systems that are always synchronized.
  • Filter to speed up searching helps you find your way in a sea of employee information.
  • Secured with backup data, an ISO 27001-certified system to avoid inconveniences.
An illustration of an employee who is not using an human resource management system and software

Struggle to organize data

  • A big pile of documents that are hard to manage makes the administration process slow.
  • Hard to filter and find certain information the HR needs about employees.
  • Not secure and have risk of data being corrupt or lost with no backup.

Using Mekari Talenta is very helpful in terms of employee database management. Everything can be retrieved when we need employee data, such as names, account numbers, and all other information.”

Achmad JunaediHRIS Staff HAUS!

Be efficient with HR process management software

Build an organized way of working

Make sure to support employee performance with a human resources management system.

Better employee workflow

  • Set a company chart based on hierarchy to control who accepts employees overtime, leave, and more.
  • Send announcement to mass multi-channels, notify employees of important information.
  • Customizable permission levels by choosing role for administrators, managers, and employees.
An illustration of business that is not using human resource management system and software

Unclear administration process

  • Complicated and slow bureaucracy to ask approvals from supervisors that cannot be done directly.
  • Misinformation of company announcement through employees word-of-mouth.
  • Harder to assign task since some employee can only access certain data.

“Because of the announcement feature, all employees can get information and education from the company without being late.”

Indah Ilmi HRIS Supervisor PT SCG Readymix Indonesia

No more misinformation within the company

Gain control of faster recruitment process

Ensure new employees can get to work immediately without worrying about the administration of onboarding.

Complete steps of recruitment

  • Visualized recruitment procedure through drag-and-drop interface to make comprehensive recruitment pipeline.
  • Monitor status of onboarding to optimize new employees onboarding implementation.
  • Automated calculations for employee compensation, severance pay and other component when they resign.
An illustration of an employee who is not using an human resource management system and software by Mekari Talenta

Poor recruitment management

  • Missing potential talents due to unfiltered and scattered candidates data.
  • New candidates are clueless about onboarding and the administration process because there are no comprehensible checklists.
  • Confusion in calculating resigned employee’s pay because there are lots of documents to be done manually.

“Mekari Talenta helps us monitor the administrative process from onboarding to offboarding. The process of monitoring HR administration is more controlled because it is well recorded.”

Intan Purnama HR Manager PT Learning Unlimited

Improve performance of onboarding to new employees

Top companies have successfully grown with Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta is continuously improving services to accommodate business needs from various industries.

What is human resource management system?

Human resource management system is a system with the purpose is to assist HR day-to-day tasks and activities in a business. It has many functions that are innovative and is integrated between one feature to another. Therefore, HR does not need to work on every data twice.

Human resource management system usually is an online cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere, with any devices.

Find out more about human resource management system Mekari Talenta here.

Yes, it is a cloud-based software that you can access everywhere and anywhere you want. You can also access it through the web or mobile with Android or iOS. This makes HR work easier.

Human resource management system Mekari Talenta has lots of functions that help many companies grow, lessen HR workload, and make the administration process more effective. Here are some of them:

1. Payroll software for employee pay calculations

2. Attendance management system to record attendance, overtime, and leave employee data

3. ESS (Employee self-service) application to employee’s own data from their smartphone.

4. Performance evaluation system to manage an employees performance appraisal.

5. Software for managing employees benefits with Mekari Flex.

You can try the product demo for free. Then, you can subscribe by calling us if you want to use Mekari Talenta for long-term.

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Mekari Talenta is the best human resource management software in Indonesia. The data in-app is secured by being equipped with ISO 27001 and authenticated by KOMINFO. The software has also been used by many leading companies.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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