Employee Competency Management

Reskilling the talent gaps and unlock the potentials growth within company through integrated competency management

Competency Management lets you develop the trackable measurement in road mapping the ability that an employee has to achieve based on the goals defined.

This feature currently is available as an add-on to the Mekari Talenta HR system, along with Individual Development Plan and Succession Plan.

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"After using Mekari Talenta, I feel that the ROI of this system is good. I think we have saved at least 30% of the time wasted on talent management."

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Workforce Management

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Benefit of using employee competency management

Employee mapping

Advance your short-term and long-term workforce planning initiatives

  • Identify which skills a person needs to perform well in order to succeed in their specific role.
  • Predict the candidates that will succeed in the role based on the integrated compliance data trends.
  • More structured employee onboarding and training, give clear instructions of employee job parameters.
  • Faster to identify and evaluate skills gaps by providing the necessary training to boost employee performance.
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Employee engagement

Employee engagement is made easier with fully transparent empowerment processes

  • Improve employee retention by keeping their valuable skills and knowledge within the organization.
  • Better understanding of the skills trend for employee empowerment planning in order to support business objectives.
  • Leaders can be created from within. This is the tailgate to build effective measurement of the employee engagement program.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Competency Management?

Competency Management is a series of HR strategic processes in identifying, assessing, and managing the competencies, skills, and capabilities of employees within an organization. It provides a transparent and measurable way to assess and address competency gaps, enabling targeted employee development and talent management.

Competency Management by Mekari Talenta provides a transparent and measurable way to manage talent competency gaps, enabling targeted employee development, fostering data-driven decision making, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Competency Management is part of the talent management tribe along with the succession plan and individual development plan. This bundle feature is designed for talent development by identifying competency gaps and providing clear expected outcomes and success metrics for employees. This enables targeted development opportunities, improves employee growth and advancement, and enhances employee engagement and retention.

Competency Management provides insights into competency strengths and areas for improvement. With its integrated data within the ecosystem, this will automatically inform talent management strategies, performance evaluations, and resource allocation, optimizing workforce performance.

Competency Management can help improve the productivity within your workforce by identifying competency gaps and addressing them through targeted development opportunities. This ensures that employees have the right skills and capabilities to perform their roles effectively, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Competency Management can integrate with other HR processes such as performance management, individual development plan, and succession planning. It provides a comprehensive view of employee competencies, aligning talent management efforts and supporting strategic HR initiatives.

Yes, Competency Management can be customized to align with your organization’s unique competency framework, job roles, and performance expectations. This allows for a tailored approach to managing competency gaps and developing employees according to your organization’s specific needs.

We recommend you schedule a free consultation, or demo, and or request more information. We’ll be more than happy to provide guidance on implementation, customization, and best practices to help you effectively manage competency gaps and enhance your talent management efforts.


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