Enterprise Business Solutions

End-to-end HR solutions for large scale operations

  • Calculate and distribute pay accurately
  • Integrated attendance & shift management
  • Self-service for claims, leave, and overtime
  • Global standard security
  • Access relevant HR insights in real-time
End-to-end HR solutions for large scale operations

Trusted by 3000+ businesses from various sectors


HR challenges faced by enterprise business

Solve issues accordingly and obtain the best user experience through the use of integrated and automated features

Calculation error risk in the payroll process

Errors are prone to happen when calculating payroll components manually

Automatic payroll calculations

Payroll is directly integrated with employee attendance. Therefore, data will automatically be synchronized without the need of manual processes

Salary transfer without administration fees

Payroll disbursement to various bank accounts can be made quickly through the system without incurring any administration fees

Transparent access to payslips

Employees will be able to access their payslips and payroll history through the mobile application at any time

Payroll planning based on relevant data

Get comprehensive and accurate reports to ensure that the budgeting for payroll is always in line with the latest data

Automated tax calculations

Calculate and generate tax reports without the risk of error using an automated process that complies with applicable government regulations

Difficulty in tracking attendance & productivity

Manual processes make managing attendance and employee performance inefficient

Integration between modules for data accuracy

Attendance can be managed easier through data that is updated in real time and is integrated with payroll

Ensure no room for attendance fraud

Minimize the risk of data manipulation in attendance using GPS-based selfie features

Instant access to comprehensive reports on one dashboard

Access reports regarding employee attendance which includes leave, tardiness, break-in/break-out, and overtime hours via the Talenta dashboard at any time

Monitor employee productivity transparently

Ensure employee productivity levels are always optimal and task progress can be monitored online

Time-consuming manual administration

Manually requesting for leave, overtime, and reimbursement with physical documents is proven to be slow and prone to errors

Save time by processing requests on the mobile app

Requesting for leave, overtime, shift changes, and reimbursements can done through the mobile application to be processed quickly by the admin

Transparency for requests & claims

When a certain request or claim gets approved by the admin, a notification will immediately appear on the employee’s mobile application

Transparency for leave & reimbursement balance

Employees can access their remaining leave & reimburesement balances through an easy-to-use dashboard without the need to ask HR personnel

Self-service administration process

Employees can update their personal data independently to streamline the entire administrative process

Difficulty in analyzing & sorting HR data

HR insights are difficult to obtain because data is scattered on various media

Gain relevant HR insights

Access a recap of headcount, attendance, and expense data in a dashboard that will instantly display relevant data clearly in real-time

Support for objective data analysis

Faster rational decision making process using measured data analysis based on objective variables such as attendance, expenses, and headcount

Customizable historical reports

Get access to historical reports that can be filtered to the needs of operations

Clear & easy-to-digest data visualization

The system will create a summary with easy-to-digest charts & graphs for various kinds of data such as expenses, headcount, and attendance

Additional benefits for you

Secure cloud database

Data security is guaranteed with the ISO 27001 certified Talenta database

Manage insurance & employee benefits flexibly

Manage various kinds of employee benefits in accordance to company policies

Easily assess employee performance

Task distribution to performance review can be done using one application

Meeting the needs of every organization

Talenta is the payroll & HR system that is specifically designed to answer the challenges of modern HR from various organizations.

For State-owned Organizations (BUMN)

Leave outdated systems behind for an intuitive & safe online platform.

For Public Companies

Carry out the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) using end-to-end HR management software.

For Holding Companies

Streamline HR processes across business units to strengthen synergy between people and the system.


Seamless integration with your system

Talenta by Mekari is supported with various platforms integration and Open API which makes it possible to share data securely and effectively to and from your system

“We are amazed by Talenta’s features, especially Live Attendance. With Live Attendance, employees can immediately clock-in at the plant location, and they become more disciplined as attendance rate increases.”


Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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