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End-to-end HR software for effective GCG implementation

Carry out the best HR practices from administration to analytics in accordance with Good Corporate Governance to provide added value to all stakeholders.

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Automated HR processes supported by mobile app and cloud systems makes it easier for INTA Group to manage ±1000 employees, spread across 14 branches and head offices from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, to Maluku.

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Manual HR administration wastes a lot of time

Time is wasted on handling employee inquiries one by one.

Ikon integrasi fleksibel dengan berbagai macam API

Automate processes through integration

There is no need to recap, calculate, or input data twice because data collection can be automated thanks to data integration between modules.

Fitur reimbursement outpatient pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta untuk membantu operasional di perusahaan Tbk

Empower your people with self-service administration

Employees can perform HR administration such as submitting reimbursements, to changing shift schedules independently with the Employee Self-Service feature from the mobile app.

Fitur headcount insight di dalam dashboard HR analytics Mekari Talenta

Gain all-inclusive HR insights

Access company-wide HR insights for headcount, attendance, payroll, etc. with HR Analytics to analyze costs & drivers of business performance that is required for investors or audits.

Fitur empoyee performance review dengan sistem 9-box matrix di aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Measure competency objectively

Collect and collate peer feedback with 360-Feedback Review, Self-Review, Direct Report/Team Review methods for a structured, quantified, and objective appraisal process.


Difficulty in organizing reports for stakeholders

Standard systems can not ensure that corporate governance is accountable and consistent.

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Data security and ease of access is guaranteed

Centralise HR functions in a cloud-based system to reduce the risk of missing information that may lead to non-compliance.

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System always adapts to the latest regulations

Mekari Talenta is always updated according to the latest government regulations to ensure compliance without the need to make any manual adjustments.

Fitur integrasi dengan sistem ERP di dalam sistem HR Mekari Talenta

Seamless integration to with ERP systems

Automatically pass workforce-related costs through Cost Center with Odoo & SAP integrations, and open API support.


Unstandardized data & report format

Reporting to officers or shareholders of the company is ineffective.

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Automatic data recapitulation from the system

Automatically feed data from all Mekari Talenta modules without manual recap to reduce the risk of human error and fraud.

Fitur report builder di dalam aplikasi Mekari Talenta untuk memudahkan operasional HR di perusahaan holding

Download standardized reports on demand

Generate reports on demand based on HR variables (payroll, employee, organizations, etc.) with a standardized format for customized & comprehensive reports using Report Builder.

Ilustrasi dari sertifikat ISO 270001 untuk sistem HR Mekari Talenta

Data security does not burden the company

Mekari Talenta’s cloud-based server is ISO 27001-certified with 256 SSL encryption and registered with Kominfo. Data is also routinely backed up.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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