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Faster & innovative HR administrations without complicated process

Increase HR productivity with an intuitive system that automatically adapts to the latest regulations and prioritizes data security.

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“With Talenta, employees can view their personal data, access payslips easily, and of course they can access employee benefits such as reimbursement balances without having to ask HR personnel.”

Dian WahyuniJunior Manager SDM - Sarana Jaya

Find the right solution to reduce convoluted bureaucracy


Conventional HR management is slow

Clunky and rigid HR systems do not answer the needs of modern HR operations.

Dashboard sistem HR online Mekari Talenta baik di desktop atau mobile

Simplistic interface for optimized use

Simple enough UI for the casual user yet robust enough to handle critical HR tasks quickly with regular feature updates.

Dashboard sistem HR online Mekari Talenta untuk memudahkan operasional HR di perusahaan BUMN

All HR features on one dashboard

Managing attendance, shift schedules, expenses, payroll, up to employee benefits & loans can be fully done on the Talenta dashboard through data integration.

Tampilan sistem dan aplikasi HR Mekari Talenta di mobile device

Self-service administration to save HR time

Request for time-off, reimbursement or shift adjustment using the Employee Self-Service feature that is accessible online to reduce repetitive work.


Difficulty in adapting to new regulations

Regulations constantly change. Adaptation needs to be quick.

Ilustrasi integrasi sistem

Automatically adhere to the latest regulations

Without the need for manual adjustments, Mekari Talenta always adapts to the latest government regulations automatically.

Fitur pengelolaan payroll otomatis di sistem HR online Mekari Talenta

Automatic calculation according to regulation

Define custom calculation rules or use the predefined JHT, BPJS, PTKP, tax, etc. calculations from the system.

Logo Talenta dan beberapa ikon yang memberi ilustrasi

Double data inputs are no longer needed

Integrated data across modules eliminates the need for manual entry to prevent fraud and ensure accuracy.


High risk of data theft & loss

Many loopholes for vulnerabilities in standard databases.

Sertifikat ISO 270001 untuk sistem HR Mekari Talenta

Guaranteed security without burdening the company

Data is stored in Talenta’s server which is ISO 27001-certified with 256-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, the server is hosted on AWS and registered with Kominfo.

Ilustrasi backup data karyawan dan perusahaan di dalam sistem HR yang memudahkan pekerjaan IT support dan personalia

Automatic data backup on regular intervals

Data storage is neatly structured and always ready to be accessed at any time by the user.

Fitur integrasi dengan sistem ERP di dalam sistem HR Mekari Talenta

Seamless integration to your system

Mekari Talenta can be quickly & easily integrated through open API support and into your favorite ERPs such as SAP and Odoo.


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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