5 Reasons Why You Definitely Have to Leave A Job Interview

By Ervina LutfiPublished 02 Mar, 2023 Last updated 20 March 2024

It’s exciting to see a job ads that fit to your interest and abilities. Nowadays you can easily apply for a job posting in ads or in a website that sounds a perfect fit for you. But there is a reason why you have to leave a job interview according to Mekari Talenta.

Some people can describe their company profile in job ads very well and brand themselves as a great place to work, but the actual job is not as great as they sound.

You never know when you walk into a job interview, it could be a warm and thoughtful interviewer that concern and make you comfortable enough to open up your identity.

Or maybe, it could be a half-day being stuck in front of computer, doing endless test and no one meet you for doing an interview.

What kind of companies that subject people to do that without asking your permission first?

Reason Why You Have to Leave a Job Interview

If you don’t feel right about the companies, keep in mind to trust your gut whether you want to stay or get up and leave the job interview.

You don’t have to stay through a boring interview just because you agreed to come.

Remember, you are not getting paid to do a job interview.

Here are 5 signs why the job interview doesn’t fit for you:

The behavior of your interviewer is impolite

Once you come, he/she doesn’t shake your hand and give the test for you to fill out and then go out.

No professional company would put an unfriendly and impolite person for their recruiting process. That’s a bad sign.

Pay attention to the body language of your interviewer

Do they talk to you with a script and tick of the questions as they ask them, or open up to a real conversation with you?

If there is no opportunity for you to say anything and just follow the rules of the interviewer, this company does not deserve you. They can’t see your talents, so why stick around?

The job description in ads is different from what they describe to you

You don’t have to stay through a painful interview when you can picture yourself in the job that totally different from what you can imagine.

Check the environment

As long as you stay relaxed at job interview, you can see the environment around the company whether it’s good or bad.

For example, in an ill-mannered environment, whoever staff you meet around the company will stare at you like an allien and not friendly at all.

No good companies would invest an impolite staff on their front end.

Finally, trust your intuition and when your gut says “Get Out”, just listen to it!

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