The Importance of Choosing an ISO 27001 Certified HR Software

By Mekari TalentaPublished 22 Feb, 2022 Last updated 20 March 2024

Many big companies currently rely on HR software to develop a better HR system and its operations. However, some of them sometimes are not aware that there are several important things that need to be considered in developing a suitable HR software for the HR system. One of the things is to implement ISO 27001 into the software so that it will bring many advantages for the company. It is always important to see the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software. Unfortunately, some companies still don’t know this importance. To help with this issue, the following will help to describe why this ISO 27001 certification is necessary.

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About ISO 27001

ISO is an organization that works to make sure a qualified system is according to its regulation. Similar to ISO 27001 which is commonly used as a standard to make sure that the system is operating accordingly in a suitable and secure manner. So that this can bring an optimum result for the user and create a more suitable operation as expected by the user.

ISO 27001 is also a good indication for a company that securely manages the system, in this case, is the HR software. With certified HR software to ISO 27001, it can make sure that there will be many advantages to reach from this kind of decision. Not to mention that it is the appropriate way to manage a secure software connection. Since the company is always dealing with important data of their employees. Therefore, the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software is mandatory to perform, mainly for big companies with a lot of data and important information.

Choosing an ISO 27001 Leads to The Company Commitment on Data Security

One of the biggest reasons for the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software is to make sure that the company is committed to keeping the data secure. It is important to always keep confidential data such as company sales information or private employee databases. With a sufficient method to protect this important data, then the HR software can be a good tool to rely on the daily HR management system.

On the other hand, without a proper security guard in the system, it can manage a dangerous potential data leak from the company. This might lead the competitor to get all the important information from the company. Furthermore, a non-certified HR software may lead to destructed software virus which can lead to system error or damage.

Choosing an ISO 27001 Leads to The Guarantee of Good Quality from The Software

Another reason for choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software is to guarantee the quality of the software. Currently, there are many kinds of HR software available in the market. But, a new company will not be able to be sure which one is suitable to select. Unless the software brings evidence of ISO 27001 certification, which means that the software is giving good quality and guarantees the result.

That is why it is necessary for a company to pay attention to its HR software. Without the proper certification, the software can get problems in its operations. Furthermore, it also cannot guarantee a qualified result when used. Such as errors on input, the analysis report is not matched with the input data, and many more. With proper certification, it will lead to a better report and a better way for the company in managing the HR data. So that HR also can work more efficiently and effectively with the proposed software.

Choosing an ISO 27001 Leads to Ensure a Suitable International Standard to Operate

It is necessary that software is developed in accordance with an international standard. One of the options is by considering the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software. ISO is an international organization that is trusted and reliable by many companies in the world. So that it is the best decision to make sure that the HR system will rely on this standard.

There are various statements and regulations developed by ISO to guarantee many software and its operations. Including ISO 27001 which guarantees a secure system and manages a better processor inside it. So that in the end, it wouldn’t lead the company to experience failure in using the HR software for daily operation. Through certified software with ISO 27001 means giving a good guarantee of secure information about the available data inside the HR software.

Choosing an ISO 27001 Leads to Easier Audit and Qualification

Whenever we talk about ISO 27001, it will also connect with a correct audit system and software qualification. This is the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software in the company. Since this ISO will manage a suitable audit on the software and make sure that the software is qualified according to its purpose.

ISO 27001, is a way to make sure that anything related to the software audit has been done in advance before the company runs the audit. It will manage to ensure that the software is working in an appropriate way as its purpose and no further issues can be appearing while using the software. Furthermore, ISO 27001 certification can provide better data management. Especially to avoid cyber-attack which can lead to serious matters. But with a proper standard on the software policies and procedure in ISO 27001, this can be avoided.

With the explanation above, it is clear about the importance of choosing an ISO 27001 certified HR software for the company’s HR system. One of the online HR software that is certified according to ISO 27001 is Talenta. You can automate HR processes, payroll, attendance, and more with Talenta. Find out more about Talenta at

Using suitable software with suitable certification from ISO brings a better system that can guarantee qualified results as mentioned before. So that it will lead the company to be able to run a good system in the company and manage the employee with better ways too. Therefore, in the end, it will help to improve the company and as a result, is an expansion and better company growth in the future.



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