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I’m Not a Detail Oriented Person and This Is How I Overcome It

By Mekari TalentaPublished 22 Jan, 2022 Last updated 20 March 2024

When I was in college, I have so many friends in a team. Everything seems easy, but the fact that I have to manage the project on my own, it’s not easy and will never be.

I missed a lot of things because I’m not a detail oriented person. My boss is not happy with my forgetful habit.

Project management is the field I am exposed to right after I graduated out of college.

My boss told me that I got hired because I have so many portfolios in managing events and projects, which is the experience he look for on this role.

Jobs often require you to be “detail-oriented person.” So first of all, I was thinking to make a to-do-list which I previously never do.

My colleague suggested to me that I don’t need to do this, just put it on post-it-note in general instead, because when she did it, it burden her a lot.

It doesn’t work for me. I still skipped a lot of things, even for a trivial things that mattered to my client.

Then I pivoted back to plan A which is made a to-do-list in detail. I exercised it for 2 weeks and I made a lot of improvement to my work. Here is how.

How to Overcome “Not a Detail Oriented Person”

How to Overcome "Not a Detail Oriented Person"

Here are the tips!

1. It shows how far the progress I’ve achieved

Wendy Caplan d, CEO of Vision Quest Consulting on his book explained that one of the main reason to pay more attention to the progress is, sometimes we think we made a great progress but we didn’t know how much it’s actually going.

I nodded. This resonates to me. I will never know how far the progress I made without a documentation that I have to make.

2. It helps me to stay focus

It’s not a secret that my company’s employee are very well known of having long hours.

Thankfully that’s not applied to me.

My colleagues even wonder how can I do that.

Yes, by having an organizer and consistently record it, I can manage my priority very well.

What should and shouldn’t do in the morning, what follow up I should make next, so I can go back home at ease.

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3. It helps me recollects how much effort I’ve spent

Evaluating my work through to-do-list is one of my ritual before sleep.

By doing so, I can easily see how much effort I did that day to accomplish the goal.

Yet, when I feel that my to-do-list is not progressing much, I can formulate a strategy to achieve the goals faster.

4. It pushes my productivity

Not only to-do-list but I also set the target when I have to get it done.

Work will never finish, yet like it or not we have to finish it.

The more it finish, the more sense of accomplishment and productivity I had.

5. It motivates me a lot

At the end of the year, I don’t need to face a hard time to recall what I’ve been doing or what I have done.

My organizer become a testament and with that I hope to kickstart a better year ahead. Thanks for attendance software from Talenta that has been very help with it.


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