How to Make a Productive Friday

By Mekari TalentaPublished 03 Mar, 2016 Last updated 20 March 2024

Contrary with Monday, Friday is the day that I always wait for. Of course, who wouldn’t happy that the weekend is about to come? On the other hand, it such a summed up of the week.

The fact that I’m exhausted and not every job can be handled. Upcoming things I made for weekend distracted.

After doing so many trials and errors, here is how I make my Friday as one of the most productive days of the week, although this definitely not a one-fits-all answer.

How to Make your Friday More Productive

Start workday earlier than usual

The key is to go to bed early on Thursday night, so you also can start earlier on Friday. Because on Friday, our energy usually be waning. So, whatever you planned on Friday night, you would be better to save your energy on Thursday night.

Draft the emails and schedule them

come to a realization that Friday is the worst day to send e-mail because sometimes it distract my weekend. The receiver always assume that I need a fast response.

Instead, I write draft emails and schedule them to get sent later. I’ll try to schedule emails for Monday afternoon rather than on a Friday.

Work on a major initiative we’ve been putting off

Fridays are often odd when you’re rushing around to end the week, and we have nothing of major substance happens. Instead, block out time for one to two hours at the start of the day, it’s already been a very productive day.

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Don’t check your email for the last hours of the day

Checking e-mail on the last one hours on the day will dwindle over the course of a Friday. Even if you go to bed earlier on Thursday night, there’s a likelihood that your energy will decrease.

Therefore, don’t waste your last hours on email. You might utilize a tool such as Stay Focused or Block Site to block your access to your webmail during certain hours to help you stay focused.

Make priority, figure out something you can say no to

Sometimes I get approached about business deals that don’t make sense for me to be involved in, and it’s uncomfortable to say no, so I turn down the decision.

As I know saying no isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s best to just find the good time to deliver that “no” and ignore everything. I find out that Fridays are great days to say no and to head into the great weekend.

Plan the week ahead

Besides making a review, I look over my agenda to make sure that I’m fully prepared for any upcoming meetings in the following week.

So in the weekend, I will not really think what I’m going to do and well plan it in advance. These are my tips to end the week at ease. If these are suit you, there will be a good chance that you will have a great Friday night and relaxing weekend. 

So Friday is like another day. You should productive in every way you work. Make everyday so precious for ideas.

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