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Better Human Resources, Better Indonesia

By Mekari TalentaPublished 14 Aug, 2016 Last updated 20 March 2024

This country, Indonesia has been milking profits out of its (finite) natural resources. The next decade, is what is important.

We believe that Indonesia with its 250 million population, will change its direction from focusing on natural resources with its falling prices to the core of its future: Human Resources.

Indonesia has at least 50% of its population under 30 years old and more than 100m people is in the working age.

Managing and working together with Millennials and Gen Y (people born in 1980-2000) won’t be the same as working with Gen X or Baby Boomers. Gen X are more tech savvy and they live around technology which creates needs to connect both Human Resources and Technology.

Talenta, The Best Way to Manage Indonesia Talents

Talenta is created because we see a huge problem in Human Resource: payroll. Despite what it looks like from the surface, payroll in Indonesia is complicated and definitely not scalable if you manage it through spreadsheets. Our research shows that 80% of companies in Indonesia are still managing their HR without software.

As a cloud software, Talenta helps you to manage your payroll: from recording attendance, managing time-off and over-time, to counting your payroll including PPH 21 tax and BPJS. This will save tons of your time as you focus more on what’s important: the people.

Managing millennial through the old ways – pen and paper – is not the way to go as  you will have more and more Gen Y employees in your team. They expect to have instant feedbacks, easy to use product, and the ability to access it from anywhere at anytime.

Talenta aims to be the one stop HR solutions starting from Payroll – and expanding to other modules such as Recruitment, Onboarding, Training (internal training and tracking and or corporate training procurement), Performance Review (KPIs and 360 review), and eventually Benefits procurement and tracking.

Whether you are a small (1-100), mid-size (100-1,000), or Enterprise companies – we are ready to serve you with our solutions.

Employee can access all their needs from their smartphones. They can check-in and check-from straight from their phone. The attendance aplication system is including GPS tracking, selfie, and also note that can help employee check-in and check out.

Employee can also request leaving, overtime, and also access employee benefit from smartphone. Talenta is one stop solution for employee services.

You can ask our consultant to try the product by click this link or the banner below.

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