Several Morning Tips That Will Help You Jump Out of Bed Earlier

To be able to wake up early on a workday is one of hard things to do, especially to those who are not a morning person. Let alone on Monday, it is really a serious struggle. But no worries, you may train this habit routinely. Here is the list that may help you to jump out of your bed as early as possible.
Avoid long sleep during the weekends. Instead of charging your energy to face the weekday, it throws your body off. It would be better to have a normal wake up hour as on the weekday.
Write down your post wake-up goal. Write down the time you make to wake up, and put it somewhere near your bed. Remind yourself of your goal in a daily basis.
Reward yourself for waking up on time. Whether it’s your favorite breakfast or just pampering yourself after work, give yourself a reward you can only get if you wake up on time as it will motivate you.
Keep yourself away from your gadget before bed. There is a proven research that said, the screen will stimulates your mind and gives you a bad night of sleep. It will make us even harder time of waking up.
Set up an alarm clock across your bed. The sounds of alarm will force you to jump up and get going.
Use a loud noise for your alarm. The shocking noise of the sound definitely will ruin your sleep.
Turn off the snooze button in your alarm. If you need to tape it or simply act as though it doesn’t exist, do whatever it takes to make snoozing nonexistent. Then you’ll know there’s only one time option for waking up.
Try using an app. There are some apps that specifically to help you wake up, such as Sleep Cycle and Waky.
Don’t drink caffeine during the day. Having a good sleep is greatly associated by the caffeine you consume beforehand. Train yourself to stay away from coffee, alcohol, or any energy drinks at least six hours before you sleep.
Associate morning with best feeling. If you ever have a sleepy morning, you have to create a new sensation within yourself, so that you will always excited to greet them. You may also make a plan to do something you love during that time. Such as workout.
Stay excited. Before bedtime, think of one thing you are going to do that really excites you. You’ll be ready to hop out of bed and avoid late wake-up.
Eat low carbs foods. A research has proven that eating these kind of food will gives you a better sleep, which leads to easier mornings.
Always consider your health above everything. If you feel a dreaded mornings due to the long hours of work you had, just take a brief stop right away. It may be dangerous if you continue your work under these conditions. Think about your health above everything.
Convince yourself. As you’re drifting off to sleep, keep telling yourself, “I need to wake up early tomorrow” several times.
Consider to have a morning buddy. Find another friend who also have a trouble in waking up and plan morning routine each other. Or even just simply promise to exchange text when it’s time to sleep and wake up. This accountability from this activity will make you want to keep going.

PUBLISHED22 Mar 2016