8 Daily Habits of Efficient People

01 Feb 2016

Are you typical procrastinate person who wish that your day be more productive and most importantly efficient? Staying ahead of the curve, leading, and excelling in our jobs require high level of efficiency. Rory Vaden, author of Procrastinate on Purpose, reveals that efficient people do particular things to keep everything efficient. Here are the things that efficient people do differently.
They learn efficiently. They read something new efficiently. If they read, they skimming it. If they listen, they do it at faster speed. When you’re learning, you’re growing. When you’re growing, you’re bringing new opportunities to yourself and to those around you.  A simple efficiency hack is to increase the speed of your reading 2x or more. This may need training but when they training, they do it at faster speed as well.
They’re remove unnecessary things. Deirdre Breakenridge, author of Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, takes a step further by “As much as possible, when I’m in meetings, I remove unnecessary technology. At times, this means no smart watch, smartphone, or laptop in front of me.”
They listen more. Besides unnecessary devices, Breakenridge went on to share that, “When you listen to what people are saying, you eliminate the time-consuming guesswork that occurs after the meeting. Listening carefully allows you to move forward with clear direction, purpose, and high efficiency.”
They get sufficient sleep and spare some time for exercise. We all know that sufficient sleep is important. But for some, they feel unrealistic. Bill Arzt, co-founder of the hot startup FitReserve, offers a shortcut that’s helped him. He suggests you “Replace networking with sweaty activity. Combine your meetings with workouts.” By now, exercise is as important as good sleep.
They live simply. Living simply means knowing what it means to be productive. Efficient people are sculptors of their own lives. They take away instead of add. They don’ say “yes” too much. When they will help people, they will help to essential things that matter and say “no” more often if it’s unnecessary.
They don’t waste time with emotional battles that don’t matter. Alex Baydin, founder and CEO of PerformLine, said that “I have found it very helpful to mentally assign the emotional battles of running a startup to one of two buckets. Bucket A -the stuff that matters bucket. Bucket B- the stuff that doesn’t matters bucket. Every time I am faced with an issue, my first course of action is to decide Bucket A or B.” He confessed that, “The vast majority will fall into Bucket B. The few issues that truly matter I then deal with head-on.”
They throw away to-do lists and automate menial tasks. Efficient people don’t just determine how urgent something is. They also determine how long something matters, it means: What can they do today that will have the greatest impact down the line? Success is no longer related to volume. Success is determined by the significance the task in life. We can then investigate ways to automate those important yet time-consuming actions.  Rory Vaden, author of Procrastinate on Purpose, share a profound idea “Automation is to your time as compound interest is to your money.”
They prioritize their life.  Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: Disciplined Pursuit of Less, speaks about the efficiency in his book. He said that efficient people know what they want and put their goals first. Because if they don’t prioritize their own life, someone else will.
How do you stay efficient?  Please share in the comments section below 🙂

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