Managing Millennials in The Workplace Effectively

By Mekari TalentaPublished 30 Jan, 2023 Last updated 20 March 2024

Managing millennials effectively needs some support and effort. Read the article from Mekari Talenta below and you will know how to manage them.

One of the biggest challenge for businesses today is integrating Millennials – a generation often known as independent and stubborn, into a Baby Boomer culture.

Baby Boomers as the largest generation of active workers grew up with optimism and organizational memory with traditional hierarchies.

However, Baby Boomer are significantly being replaced by Millennials, and the differences are extremely striking.

So who are the millennials and how do we manage their work performance while achieving company’s purpose together?

Who are the Millennials?

Managing Millennials effectively will be very important

Millennials, also being known as Generation Y, are those who were born between 1977 and 1998 (this year range is up for debate).

They grew up with the environment that gave them a huge amount of attention and validation. Because they were raised with high expectations, Millennials tend to have an abundance of self-confidence and believe they will accomplish great things to any organization.

Millennials are those individuals who have no memory of what life was like without digital technologies.

The soon-to-be largest generation in the workforce will replace baby boomer and impact the companies significantly with their culture.

Do the manager have to manage the millennials? And how to manage millennials effectively especially in the workplace?

Don’t try managing millennials and try to Lead them

Yes, Don’t try managing millennials and try to Lead them.

They have to be inspired and enabled through courageous leadership.

They crave the chance to create their own decisions instead of having them by giving them an order.

For the millennials, being a good leader, you must:

Show them respect.

For Gen Y, respect is given to anyone who they consider as an “elder”, for Millennials, treat them with the same respect with which you want them to treat you.

Listen to their voice, ideas, and complaints, and show them that they have a value that fit to the organization’s purpose.

Talk face to face

Many of you think that the millennials prefer to communicate with digital communications and avoid in-person communication.

Millennials are no different from other generations.

They want to communicate about career advancements and build work relationship in person.

Remember, one of millennials’ characteristic is an enhanced understanding of using the right tools for the right purpose.

Give them feedback

Millennials were filled with a massive attention back to their childhood.

Anything that consider them as a lack of attention, can be seen of being taken for granted or as a form of disrespect.

Millennials have a different social mindset that they want frequent feedback on how they are doing also they want giving and receiving positive and corrective feedback.

Millennials need much more feedback to encourage them to continue learning and growing.

Inspiring and Understanding the Team

Instead of controlling and discipline them, why not we respect and inspiring the millennials by giving an example on how great we are at doing our job?

Leadership is about enabling and inspiring others. Do it together and get comfortable working with the team.

With their strong abilities to understand the value of technology, and quickly adapting to learn to use any kind of program, millennials will shape the future of the company.

Managing millennials will be very important to your company as this is their era.

At the end of the day, you and your team have to integrate with Gen Y to know what are their passion in your company and if your company’s purpose is in line with their needs.

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