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The integrated payroll and shifting management solution is intended for industries with high operational hours such as hotels. Choose an effective solution for employees management in order to make sure that your hotel business works 24 hours in 7 days without any obstacle.

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Design multi-shifting employees for 24 hours operational

Talenta understands that the hospitality industry such as hotel or hospital has long operational hours as well as having plenty of branches. This causes the industry to consistently struggles with the employees’ shift and attendance management.

Talenta offers the solution for a comprehensive shift planning and designing while considering the branch. In addition, shift management at Talenta also makes tardiness deduction possible.

This system is also integrated with the entirety of payroll so that you won’t have to deal with repetitive administration works in every month. Using Talenta, the hotel employees’ shifting management with 24 operational hours can be done easier and practical.

Simplify attendance process for every multi-shifting employee

As HR department in hospitality industry, monitoring employees attendance is not a simple task. Luckily, by using Talenta, employees are encouraged to design and be responsible of their own working hours

They can clock in and out directly using Talenta’s mobile application. Multi-shifting schedules are no longer a problem.

In addition, employees can request their overtime and leave easily through Talenta, as well as waiting for its approval from the management. No more complicated administration process and certainly environmentally friendly with a paperless system.

Fingerprint machine integrated mobile attendance

Attendance documentation is one of the important activities in HR operational, especially in the hospitality industry where attendance is included in the paycheck component. Luckily, by using Talenta, the attendance process is a lot easier. Employees can submit attendance directly from their phones.

As HR, you can set the radius of acceptable attendance submission, asking the employee to take a picture at the location to confirm, and monitoring the reports real-time on the dashboard. For a more trustable attendance system, Talenta is also integrated with fingerprint machines in every location.

Now as HR, you can stay productive with a more strategic job, but can still monitor the employees’ attendance in a quick and accurate way.

Paycheck with a variety of components calculation is easier

At Talenta, attendance management is an integrated unison of company policy, daily operational as well as leave and overtime request. With this system, repetitive administrative work such as inserting data to Excel can be minimalized.

Moreover, Talenta application is going to help simplify the calculation of paycheck with plenty of variables, including tax deduction, service charge, benefits and insurance based on employees category.

Talenta is equipped with the most comprehensive tax calculation system, applicable for full time and contract employees, even expatriates. Should you use mixed taxes method, Talenta is certainly able to calculate it easier, faster and more accurate.

Payroll process and transfer directly with Talenta application

After a long process of recapping attendance list, tax calculation and service charge that should be included in employees paycheck, the next one is even more time-consuming: filling e-banking format according to the company’s system.

Not to mention each employee who owns different bank accounts. HR has to make sure that the payroll is transferred punctually, without any error. Sounds hard?

Not anymore. Payroll disbursement is achievable directly through application. Talenta makes it possible for companies to give payroll to every bank account in Indonesia without additional administration fees. Paycheck transfer using Talenta is easier and more practical

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“Altima Group, Nanny’s Pavillon dan Porto Bistreau, memiliki filosofi bisnis: makes people’s life better. Talenta membantu mewujudkan filosofi tersebut bagi HR maupun karyawannya dan membuat mereka merasa nyaman dalam bekerja, sehingga meningkatkan produktivitasnya. Pada akhirnya, hal ini akan mempengaruhi produk dan layanan yang diterima oleh pelanggan.”

Juwita April

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Talenta helps designing a precise employees shifting in the 24/7 industry such as hotel

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Self-service attendance encourages the employees to be responsible for their own working hours.

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The mobile attendance system in Talenta’s application is integrated with the fingerprint machine.

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Without the automatic attendance system, the company has the potential of over-paying their employees as much as 1,2 percent.

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Paycheck wiring is directly done through the application, eliminating any administration fee. No more complicated payroll anecdotes.


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