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Beberapa orang pekerja di bidang distribusi sedang memeriksa stok barang

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Seorang pekerja di bidang distribusi sedang memindahkan stok barang

“Before using Talenta, our attendance system was manual and it would took days in the payroll process, because our location is all over Indonesia. Now everything is automatically processed and can be monitored real-time from the head office.”

Marysha DjafarHuman Resources and General Affair Senior Manager - Lion Parcel

Commonly seen issues in the distribution industry


Difficulty in managing shift schedules

Changes to the shift schedule is hard to communicate quickly to every employee

Tampilan fitur pengelola shift dan jadwal kerja di aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Customizable shift scheduling patterns

Use various variables such as working days, tolerance for latency, and effective dates to manage employee shifts

Fitur pengaturan hak ases di aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Different access rights per level

Access to Talenta’s features can be separated by level such as Super Admin, Admin, Employee, and Finance for flexibility

Fitur permintaan jadwal shift pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Online shift management

Changes can be requested by employees or made the admin through the online system and will be integrated with attendance data automatically

Fitur dashboard jadwal kerja dan shift karyawan pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Access the latest schedules online

Employees can view their respective shift schedules without the need for manual communication with HR personnel for a streamlined process


Difficulty in monitoring mobile employees

It is hard to track the productivity for sales personnel and couriers

Fitur absensi online pada Aplikasi Mekari Talenta di mobile device

Multi-attendance for highly mobile employees

Track employee activity without physical infrastructure limitations through the multi-location clock-in feature in the mobile application

Fitur attendance management pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Access attendance data and reports online

Employee attendance can be monitored in real time and objectively by accessing the online mobile application or website

Fitur pengajuan cuti dan lembur pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta di mobile device

Request for leave and overtime through the system

Leave and overtime can be requested by employees through the online system without the need to send chats or emails to HR admins


Delayed payroll due to slow reporting

The payroll process often starts late because reports are not collected on time

Fitur pengelolaan payroll otomatis pada aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Streamline the process through online access

Access data and reports in real time through one online dashboard to speed up the payroll process

Fitur pengelolaan payroll yang terintegrasi dengan sistem performance review berdasarkan KPI

Integration between KPI management and payroll

Bonuses or incentives based on employee performance can be calculated and distributed automatically

Fitur pengelolaan allowance, tunjangan, dan bonus di aplikasi Mekari Talenta

Automatic calculation for daily allowances

Daily allowance per employee will be calculated automatically based on attendance and cut-off date to eliminate the need for manual attendance recap

Additional benefits for you

Easily track sales progress

Sales performance can be monitored transparently and in real time

Request and approve reimbursements online

Reimbursement such as transportation expenses can be processed on the go


One-stop HR solution for your business

Take your HR operations to the next level with the help of integrated solutions by Mekari Talenta

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