KPI Based Performance Management

KPI Management to Ensure Business Goal Achievements

  • Goals and activities in the business are aligned
  • Transparency and employee motivation improvement
  • Efficiency and accuracy improvement in KPI management
KPI Based Performance Management

Complete features to support end-to-end KPI management

By using Talenta, HR can work more effectively with more efficient time because most of their repetitive task can be done automatically

  • Step 1

    Set up Company/Team Goal

    Document the organization goals more efficiently to provide clear directions to all employees in the company

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  • Step 2

    Create and Assign Tasks

    Create tasks that are supportive to the organization/team goal and distribute them efficiently to the related employee or team in charge

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  • Step 3

    Update and Monitor Task

    Check up on every assigned task regularly and monitor the progress more easily from a single dashboard

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  • Step 4

    Automatically Calculate Employee Incentive

    Integrate the KPI management module with the payroll to calculate the bonus/incentive based on the employee’s performance

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  • Step 5

    Employee Incentive Payment

    Pay employees their bonus/incentives according to the achieved performance by adjusting the employees’ payroll automatically

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Why KPI management is easier when done using Mekari Talenta

Mekari Talenta has various advantages that enable KPI management automation along with its features that are integrated with each other.

KPI management in one platform

All employees' KPI management conducted in a single integrated app, making utilization more practical

Integrated with the payroll module

Supported with the integration to the payroll module, performance-based bonus calculation becomes more accurate

Easier task alignment

Goals that are documented and integrated with the task module allow for an easier alignment with the employees' activities

"When managing a lot of work, we automatically need support that can really meet the basic needs of employees. HRIS from Talenta help a lot for us to maintain the basic needs of every employee."

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KPI management is a tool to ensure that the employees’ activities and tasks are already aligned with the company’s business goals.

You can use the KPI management module by subscribing to the whole Talenta modules. Please schedule a meeting with out team to consult about Talenta utilization.

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Yes, you can automatically use this module. Please contact our team to help you activate the module.

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