Accessible Salary

Provide Easier Early Cashout for Your Employee

  • Help fulfill employees' basic needs
  • Calculate faster and more precise payroll deduction
  • Increase company value in your employee eyes
Accessible Salary

Enable Early Cashout for Employees

Help employees access their payroll earlier to fulfill their needs such as paying for electricity, credit, and many more without any additional costs for your company


Precise Payroll Calculation & Deduction

With payroll integration, HR calculations for every purchase made simple and convenient on the Accessible Salary feature in Mekari Flex


Give More Benefit Options for Employees

Mekari Flex provides more choices of types and vendors to make it easier for your employees to choose according to their needs

Top up phone credit from various providers can now be done easily with Mekari Talenta application using the Accessible Salary feature on Mekari Flex

Shopping for wellness vouchers, commuting, insurance, and lifestyle is now easier and cheaper on Mekari Flex. Shop now, pay later on your payday!

With Mekari Flex, employees can also pay monthly bills such as electricity easily through a single application on their cellphones. No more up front payments!


Create Complete Spending Report

Spending on Accessible Salary is now recorded in the Mekari Flex system, integrated with employee payroll, making it easier to generate payroll deduction reports


Set Benefit Budget

Set a payroll budget that can be accessed earlier by employees in Accessible Salary feature to ensure healthier and more controlled spending

Why is Mekari Flex's Accesible Salary scheme better than manual systems?

The Accessible Salary feature in Mekari Flex is integrated with various other modules in Mekari Talenta, making employee benefit operations easier and faster.

Access Salary Earlier

Early payroll access systems help companies provide more benefits to employees at no additional cost

Automatic calculations and reports

Spends made are recorded and deducted from payroll automatically. Big thanks to integrated payroll and Mekari Flex!

Easier access via cellphone

Employees can now access their benefits effortlessly with Mekari Talenta application on their respective cellphones

Any further questions?

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Each employee is given a credit limit that can be used to meet needs such as credit, electricity tokens, data, Go-Pay, OVO, etc. Each transaction is recorded automatically and immediately deducted from the salary for the next period.

To use this module, the company must have activated the Payroll Disbursement feature or Payroll Payment and have agreed to use Mekari Benefit.

You can use the Accessible Salary module by subscribing to Talenta as a whole. Please schedule a meeting with our team for a consultation about Talenta.

Please schedule a meeting with our team for consultation regarding the use and pricing of the Accessible Salary platform.

You can try free Talenta demonstration or please schedule a meeting via Schedule-demo-talenta/ for further consultation.


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