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Flexible Benefit

Provide Benefits According to Your Employee Needs

Now, you can provide variety of benefits suited to your employee needs practically using Mekari Flex

Flexible Benefit

Why should companies switch to flexible benefits system?

Better employee satisfaction on benefits

Improve employee satisfaction on their benefits to retain talented and motivated employees of your company

Make your company more attractive

Flexible benefits give companies more attraction in the eyes of potential talents, making your hiring process easier

Increase HR manpower efficiency

With an automated and integrated platform management, flexible benefit operations will require less HR manpower

What can business do with Mekari Flex?

Choose benefits based on each preference

Accessible Salary and Flex Benefit feature allow companies to choose the most appropriate benefit for their employees

Manage employee's insurance in one platform

Input and manage employee insurance data on a platform that is integrated with HRIS such as databases, management benefits, and reimbursements

Pick ready-made vendors from varied categories

Save your time and energy on selecting vendors! Mekari Flex now provides vendor marketplace with various categories

Manage and monitor budgets spent real-time

Ensure the use of benefits is within your budget with our budget limit feature and real-time monitoring dashboard

Check your remaining benefit balance

See the remaining limit benefits as well as complete records of benefit usage seamlessly with our purchase history feature

Buy vouchers at special prices

Get special voucher prices from Mekari Flex partners, ranging from wellness, commuting, protection, to lifestyle

Cash out your salary earlier

Earn early access to salary to purchase electricity, credit, and vouchers at special price in our accessible salary feature

More features for various needs

Get more advantages from using our flexible benefits system supported with Talenta by Mekari intact support features


Accessible Salary

Benefit scheme in the form of early salary access for purchasing Mekari Flex products

  • Early payroll access
  • Auto-deduction
  • Varied benefits
  • Deduction report
  • Benefit budget setting

Flex Benefit

Provide flexible benefit employee using the companies’ budget allocated

  • Flexible employee benefit
  • Benefit selection
  • Benefit with reimbursement system
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Mobile access for employee

Vendor marketplace

Ready-to-use vendor choices as benefit providers your employees can choose from

  • Curated vendors
  • More competitive pricing
  • Varied vendor categories

Payroll & HR administration made easy

Get more done without compromising accuracy and speed with solutions from Talenta by Mekari.

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